Migraine treatment

One of the most painful conditions that many people suffer from is migraine. Finding a good migraine treatment might be easier today than it has been in the past. There has been a great amount of research and investigation into the causes and treatments that will work to relieve the pain of these debilitating headaches.

There are two types of migraine treatment that may help you to deal with your migraines. The first type of medication is pain relievers that will lessen the severity of the pain associated with your migraine and are usually taken when your migraine begins. These drugs have been created to stop the symptoms even if they have already started.

The second type of migraine treatment that has proven to be successful for some patients is a preventative medication. These are taken on a daily basis and are used to reduce the number of migraines that you have or the severity of the headache.

Your doctor will work with you to determine which type of treatment is right for you. The migraine treatment that is used will likely depend on the amount of migraines that you get and their severity. If you are getting two or more migraines in a month time period, you will likely get a preventative medication. Doctors will also use the preventative medications if pain relievers are not working for you or you are having prolonged aura symptoms.

The pain relieving migraine treatment medications work best if they are taken as soon as the symptoms of a migraine begin. Many patients find that they experience better results if they lie down for a while in a dark and quiet room after taking their migraine treatment medication. Medications such as Advil, Motrin and other ibuprofen medications are effective at relieving the pain of a migraine. Over the counter medications may be enough to relieve your pain, but the doctor can prescribe stronger prescription medication that will help to reduce the pain of your migraine.

Triptans are another classification of medication that helps those who are having severe migraines. These medications are an effective migraine treatment that works to relieve pain, nausea and the sensitivity to sound and light that is often a part of the migraine attack.

There are other classifications of migraine treatment drugs that have been used in the past, but these two are considered to be the best of the group. Some of the medications that have been used in the past resulted in rebound headaches and dependency on the medication. Discuss the different medications with your doctor to find the right one for your migraine attacks.

Preventative medications include Botox, cyproheptadine, anti seizure medications, anti depressants, and beta blockers which are usually used as a cardiovascular medication. All of these medications come with their own side effects and effectiveness. Discuss all of your symptoms with your doctor so that the right migraine treatment medication can be used for your situation.

Migraines can be debilitating for hours and in some extreme cases days. It is important that you find the right medication if your migraine attacks are affecting your ability to function. Every patient is different and some will find that an over the counter medication is sufficient to relieve the pain of their migraine while others need a stronger drug to relieve the symptoms or prevent their occurrence.

Visit your doctor if you are finding that your migraines are getting worse so that a course of migraine treatment can begin. There have been some great strides in the medications that have been used for the treatment of migraine and many people are finding that they suffer less frequency and severity of the headaches and other symptoms with the newer medications.

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