Migraine relief home remedy

If you have ever had a migraine headache, then you understand the havoc they can wreak on your day or, for an unlucky group, your week. Migraines are extremely painful and often debilitating headaches that are caused by either changes in the sufferer’s brain or genetics. They are often preceded by an odd sensation or visual light hallucination and can be triggered by simple, everyday things such as stress, abrupt changes in weather, preservatives in food (most commonly monosodium glutamate or MSG), fatigue and menstruation.

There are some medications that can prevent migraines or stop them after they have started, but many sufferers prefer a migraine relief home remedy. Many of the home remedies for migraines are relatively easy and affordable and do not cause the added strain on your liver that over the counter migraine relief medication would.

Migraine Relief Home Remedy—Environmental

One of the environmental conditions that most affect migraine sufferers is light. As a migraine relief home remedy, you can attempt to sit in a room with little or no source of light. This can result in relief from the sharp, nagging pain of the migraine. So close the blinds, turn off the television (the flashing light from the television often further aggravates migraines) and lower or extinguish the lights.

Another way to change your environment to relieve your migraine is to add or remove smells from the room. For some people, scented candles or air fresheners are migraine triggers. For others, they help relieve migraine symptoms. While finding out which camp you belong in may be a long process, this migraine relief home remedy can also result in fewer and shorter migraines.

Migraine Relief Home Remedy—Herbal
There are many herbs that are purported to help reduce the pain associated with migraine headaches. These herbs include coriander seed, vervain, lime blossom, black tea, peppermint, green tea and wood betony. Each of these herbs can be taken as an herbal tea.

Before you begin treating your migraine at home with herbs, it is vital that you meet with your primary care physician. Explain to him or her your desire to find a home remedy for migraines and let them know what herbs you are considering. He or she will help you determine if a particular herb is safe and how it will affect your other medications.

Migraine Relief Home Remedy–Behavioral
Possibly one of the most important migraine relief home remedy centers around your behavior. In fact, this home remedy may even help you to prevent migraines from happening. Since stress is often a cause of migraine headaches, behavioral migraine relief home remedy options revolve around the prevention and relief of stress.

You can start by practicing relaxation techniques when you suffer from a migraine, or any time you feel stressed. Some common relaxation techniques include visualization, deep breathing, meditation, sleep and massage. In terms of massage, you may find that a temple massage works best for your migraine symptoms or you may find a back massage is your special cure.

When attempting the above remedies, feel free to experiment and combine methods. Taking the lowered lights from the environmental solution and combining it with some herbal tea and meditation could be your unique recipe for relief. If none of the above migraine relief home remedy solutions works for your migraines, you might reconsider the use of prescription pain medications. Although these medications can be addictive, may tax your liver and may become ineffective as you build up a tolerance for them, if no other solution works they can be your only option. Your doctor may be able to run liver tests regularly (depending on your insurance plan) to monitor any effect the medications have on the organ.

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