Microcurrent machine

Microcurrent machines may seem new but when researched, we find that they have been used since the early 1900’s. These machines and other electromagnetic therapies were used until 1934, when an uninformed physician decided that the future of medicine was in medication and surgery. Furthermore, the future of medicine was not in this type of treatment. He further deemed that treatment such as this was unscientific. At the time, licensure for physicians was given by the AMA not be the state or federal government. So the head of the AMA had a lot of power. Thus, electromagnetic therapy was not utilized until many years later.

Microcurrent therapy or frequency specific micro current works in this manner. It is a new way of treating conditions utilizing microampage or very small amounts of electrical current. We are all familiar with amps in electrical units. The human body works on the principal of chemical and electrical impulse. The heart, lungs, and nerves all work on electrical impulses. The microcurrents work with tiny amount of currents that are just millionths of an ampere. The current simulates the same type of current that the body produces at the cellular level. This stimulation helps increase the amount of ATP that is allowed to flow into the cells. This helps to repair cells that are damaged. It also repairs aging skin, improves circulation and the metabolism.

In the 1990’s Dr. Harry Van Gelder, an osteopath, decided to try using frequency specific micro currents on certain conditions and for pain management. He then developed a set of specific micro frequencies to treat certain health conditions. Several physicians set out to research these machines to see if they could benefit certain conditions and pain responses that were not responding well to conventional treatment. They found that the machines were very effective in the treatment of shingles for example. They also found that treatment was effective for both muscle and nerve pain.

The FDA has only approved the microcurrent machine for the relief of pain and pain management at this time. However it is being used as a non-invasive type of face lift procedure. Using the information above, the microcurrents can repair damaged skin cells and stimulate the production of new cells as well. Research has shown that the microcurrent machine is effective in removing wrinkles from the face. It is also effective in tightening the facial muscles. They have seen good results with this procedure on tightening the jowl and cheek muscles, tightening flabby cheek muscles, sculpting the frontal bones of the face and removing fine lines around the eyes. They also found that the procedure improved circulation, the production and flow of lymphatic drainage around the eye, removed some dark circles from the eyes, and helped the eyes look less tired. It also helped increase blood circulation to the face and neck, increased the elasticity of the skin on the face and neck, remove fine lines from the face and neck and tighten up the flabby skin on the neck and under the chin.

When researching we found that a series of microcurrent treatments was recommended to achieve optimum results. The recommended set of treatments was to receive between 10-12 treatments to get maximum results. They also recommended using some type of manual manipulation such as massage, lymph drainage or using other products to enhance the effects along with the microcurrent machine as well.

Please note that the FDA has only approved this machine for the use of pain control and management. However it is legal for any physician to use this machine for off label use. There are also home units available to purchase for anyone who is interested. These treatments appear to be safe and there have been no side effects or problems noted with these treatments.

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