MetLife dental insurance

MetLife is an insurance company that provides a number of insurance products to consumers. MetLife dental insurance is offered by the company for those who need affordable dental coverage. MetLife is one of the most popular insurance companies in the nation and offers solutions for a variety of insurance as well as other financial needs. Their dental insurance plans include both HMO and PPO plans. In addition, MetLife works with a very extensive network of dentists who provide patients with high quality dental services with MetLife’s benefit coverage.

The primary dental plan offered by MetLife is the PDP. This Preferred Dentist Program is similar to a PPO dental plan and those with a PDP policy have the advantage of being able to choose their own dentist. MetLife offers assistance with choosing the dentist who will care for each of their covered consumers. They offer a directory of participating dentists. Once you have chosen a dentist from the MetLife network, you can begin receiving discounted dental care. You will need to inform the dentist who is listed on your plan before you arrive for a dental appointment to ensure that you receive the discount offered.

MetLife currently has a network of more than 90,000 dentists who participate in the discount dental plan program. In addition to the network of dental professionals offered by the insurer, you can also choose your own dentist. The MetLife dental insurance plan allows you to choose a dentist on your own if you prefer even if that particular dentist is not included in the network. It is important to note that should you choose your own dentist and will still receive the discounted rates for procedures done by a dentist who is not included in MetLife’s network, you will pay more for certain services for an out-of-network dentist. Instead of paying for 100 percent of your basic teeth cleaning for instance, your policy may only cover 60 to 90 percent for a dentist who is not included in the MetLife network. You can contact MetLife and inquire about the costs of specific services and procedures as well as access the details of your policy online.

If you choose to go to a dentist that is included in the MetLife network, your dental costs that you pay out of pocket will be considerably lower. You will only incur the fees that are listed in your MetLife dental insurance policy, which are typically around ten to thirty-five percent less than the typical fees for dental work depending on the procedure. These fees for MetLife dental plan holders pertain to all dental treatments and services including cosmetic procedures.

Treatments covered by MetLife dental insurance typically fall into one of four basic types. These are basic, intermediate, major and orthodontia. Basic procedures include regular cleanings, x-rays and oral examinations. Intermediate procedures include periodontal maintenance and fillings. Major procedures include bridges, implants, root canals, dentures and crowns. Orthodontia services include all procedures that are considered to be comprehensive orthodontics as well as fixed appliances.

MetLife has two dental insurance options from which you can choose. Standard dental insurance plans cover 55 percent of all intermediate procedures as well as 35 percent of major procedures and 50 percent of orthodontia procedures. High dental insurance plans cover 70 percent of all intermediate procedures, 35 percent of all major procedures and 50 percent of all orthodontia services. Choosing the right plan for you will depend on the procedures and services that you need as well as the needs of any family members who will be on the policy with you. Both plans provide discounts for services although there are a few minor differences in the amounts that are covered by each individual plan.

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