Methyl masterdrol

Methyl Masterdrol is a nutritional supplement that works in the same way as an anabolic steroid. It is used by people who are body building or want to increase their muscle mass. This supplement helps them to build up their muscle tissue faster than they would normally. It also helps to reduce the amount of body fat that a person has. However, these types of supplements are not without side effects or problems. Due to this, a lot of companies have stopped carrying them. It has been reported that the sale of these types of supplements is now illegal in the United States at the present time, however we found all sorts of sources for this supplement online that could be purchased.

The makers of this product claim that it is one of the best on the market to reduce the amount of body fat a person has while increasing their strength at the same time. This type of prohormone or androgynous supplement is very similar to the male steroid testosterone in its chemical make up. That makes this type of nutritional supplement very enticing to those people who want to bulk up their muscles in a hurry and do not want to have to work really hard to get to do it.

What they do not tell most people is that there are some severe side effects that can go along with this type of supplement. First, anyone who has high blood pressure or hypertension should not take this supplement period. Some of the companies have added milk thistle and hawthorn berry to this supplement to help lower the blood pressure naturally as this substance can raise the blood pressure even in people who have had no issues with hypertension in the past. It is recommended that anyone who takes this supplement to monitor their blood pressure on a daily basis and to report it to their physician if their blood pressure rises above 140/90. They should suspend taking the supplement until they have the blessing of a medical professional once this has taken place.

Other problems that can occur with taking a supplement such as this are that testosterone levels rise above the normal and even to dangerous levels. Estrogen levels can rise to levels that are not healthy either. We saw recommendations from people who had taken this product telling others to get prescriptions for drugs such as Clomid that rids the body of estrogen to help get rid of the side effects of this supplement.

Other side effects that can be experienced with any type of anabolic steroid and that includes this supplement are fluid retention, shrinking of testicles, infertility in men, development of breasts, tumors on the liver, jaundice and baldness. Women can experience cessation of their menstrual cycles, deepening of their voice, excessive facial hair, fluid retention, and high blood pressure. Adolescents can experience a premature stoppage of their growth cycle.

There are some emotional side effects that can be experienced as well. A lot of people who have been taking steroids have been known to be irritable or aggressive in their natures. They are anxious and hyperactive and very short tempered.

This type of nutritional supplement can be very dangerous. It seems that any gains that could be accrued by using it are far outweighed by the problems that it can cause in the human body. It seems far more prevalent to work a bit harder to get muscle mass and not have to worry about the systemic problems that can occur with using supplements such as these. We know that there are those who are impatient and will try anything that gives them an edge at getting what they want for their bodies. We just hope that they read all the information that is involved and consult with their physician before taking things such as this that are dangerous!

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