Methadone treatment

Methadone is a popular drug that is used to fight opioid addictions. It is proven to be very effective at treating addictions to heroin, synthetic heroin, and various other narcotics. It is also a commonly prescribe pain medication and is seen as one of the safer drugs for doctors to recommend. There are many side effects associated with methadone but it is much less severe in comparison to the alternative drugs.

What is Methadone?
Methadone, a synthetic opioid, is a pain relief drug that is available in pill and liquid form. It is often used as an alternative to morphine. It is more affordable than morphine and the side effects are less noticeable. Methadone is often prescribed to individuals whom were prescribed morphine and similar drugs for pain relief but ended up becoming addicted to them. Other individuals that are addicted to pain killers or are living in pain may be put on a methadone program.

How to Get on Methadone
You will need to visit your local methadone clinic to apply. In some cases you may be required to get a recommendation from your doctor before being seen by a doctor at the methadone clinic. Waiting lists for methadone are often lengthy but there is the possibility of being pushed ahead in the list if treatment is necessary.

If you are accepted to a methadone program then there will be quite a few things that you will need to know. First of all, you will be expected to pay for the methadone that you receive. This could be a small amount of only $5 to $10 per day or it could be quite a bit more depending on your health coverage and where you live.

Who Should Use Methadone?
If you are suffering from a serious addiction to opioids then you may benefit from using methadone. It is essential that you get on a methadone program for this form of treatment though. Liquid methadone purchased illegally is often diluted and does not provide the same effectives as prescribed methadone. A methadone program is better due to the fact that it will put you on a gradual incline then decline of doses to get you completely clean from drugs and not have to depend on them for the rest of your life.

Does Methadone Work?
Methadone works for individuals that really need it. It does a lot more then provide pain relief. If you are trying to fight an addiction then you will most likely see great progress from the use of a methadone program. At first it will be very difficult to cope but once you are a few months into the program you should start feeling normal again. If you attempt to use the opioids that you are addicted to while on methadone then you will most likely not feel them at all. This will further deter you from using the drugs and it will keep you on a positive track.

A methadone program will include a doctor following up on your progress regularly. You could be visiting your doctor a few times a week. The nature of these visits is usually in relation to your urine tests which show whether you have clean urine or not. This is most common when methadone is issued to individuals that are suffering from opiod addictions. If your urine is clean then you will continue to receive increases doses and get your drink. Dirty urine can lead to lowered doses and possibly being kicked off the program. It is important to know that some doctors will be more leneint then others when it comes to dirty urine.

The Downsides of Using Methadone
Methadone does work but there are many side effects and problems with the drug. If you have to go to the pharmacy each day to receive your drink then it could become time consuming. If you miss any drinks then you could become very sick. Quitting methadone cold turkey could lead to major health issues and could possibly be fatal. Doctors tend to continue to increase your dose beyond the necessary level and the side effects will become much more noticeable.

Some of the most common side effects associated with methadone include the following: tiredness, nodding off, weight gain, and difficulties operating machinery or driving a vehicle. Anyone that is using methadone should avoid driving as much as possible as it could lead to a serious accident. Those on higher doses will experience times where they completely fall asleep at random. This can be very embarrassing and during some circumstances it could lead to potentially hazardous situations. This is the reason for individuals needing to stop using methadone after it has done all that it needs to do.

Final Thoughts
Methadone is extremely useful for treating pain and drug addictions if the methadone program is completed properly. Your doctor will likely continue to increase your doses slightly each week for quite a while. Once you are nearing a relatively high dosage amount you will want to talk about lowering your doses until you no longer need to use methadone. This could take two or three years of slowly decreasing your dosage levels but it is the safest way to get off the drug and you will no longer be drug dependent.

Many people look at methadone as an addictive drug that is used as a replacement for another addictive drug. That is true but it is a much safer drug to be addicted to then morphine and similar drugs. It is also much easier to get off of as the treatment is monitored very closely by your doctor. Anyone with a serious opiod addiction or extreme pain should look into joining a methadone program in their area.

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