Weight loss is a very hard goal to achieve that requires patience, determination and self-confidence. So when a promise to lose weight in record time is assured through a pill, it seems to attract consumers on a large basis. Diet pill is a large market on the field of weight loss programs. While most of the pills promise to have all natural substances, some of them may contain some harmful chemical or substance that can have a diverse effect. Metabothin was discontinued for such a consequence. Even though it made the consumers shed a few pounds, the severe side effects alerted the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in the United States which led to an eventual ban on the product.

Metabothin used to contain ephedra. Other substances that can be found in them are calcium, Ginger, magnesium, ephedra and vitamin E amongst others. But despite all these, ephedra is the only substance that caused a lot of side effects. Many consumers were fatally affected due to consuming Metabothin, which is indeed a high price to pay for wanting to lose weight. It has been rumored that some countries in Europe did not put a similar embargo on the usage of ephedra, which eventually led to further events. After long consideration, the ban on ephedra has been partially lifted. That’s why manufacturers are putting it back in their diet supplements. Metabothin promises it will only increase the natural temperature of the body which will allow calories to burn faster. But there is still a pitfall to this. Despite promising to be safe, it still has some major side effects.

Ephedra is considered to be as harmful as amphetamine and methamphetamine. The reason why the body tends to heat up is because it increases heart rate which causes the consumer to feel palpitation as well as loss of breath, agitation etc. Even though the ban is lifted, ephedra should not be consumed, especially by patients who have cardio vascular complications. Citrus Aurantium can also be an effective substance which contains synephrine. But since Metabothin also contains a high amount of caffeine, the presence of sunephrince makes it dangerous as mixing these two can have an adverse effects.

Many sites, however, provided positive reviews about ephedra. They ensure that not only it increases the body temperature but it provides a boost in energy too that helps to gain maximum effect from a workout session. Ephedra exists in the pill by 10mg and even though a lot of complaints have been made, some consumers actually saw positive results and lost weight as well as became more active in daily life.

Even with all the harmful side effects, many consumers ensured that Metabothin can help you lose weight without any disastrous outcome by combining it’s intake with a healthy diet and regular exercise. For a lot of people, ephedra did not cause any hazard. But still, this cocktail stimulant should be consumed with caution.

Metabothin can be purchased on the internet for USD 49.99 (contains 90 capsules). The best alternative to Metabothin is all natural weight loss system. There are many substitutes to diet pills. A high citrus diet or consuming herbal tea can help a person achieve their desired weight target, without the help of a pill with a harmful combination of ingredients. Since the process of losing weight can take a heavy toll on the body, it is best to consult with a doctor who can ensure a proper routine of diet of exercises that suits the body before experimenting with diet pills.

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