Menopausal hormone therapy

Ask any woman who has gone through it now, going through menopause is no picnic. Women who are going through menopause suffer from hot flashes, cold flashes, fits of anger and rage, poor memory, irregular periods, crying jags, the inability to sleep, extreme nervousness and the list can go on and on. No wonder so many women look for good a good menopausal hormone therapy that works, not only to relieve all of these symptoms but to also save their health and sanity.

In the recent past most women followed doctor’s orders and took synthetic estrogen as a menopausal hormone therapy to help them get through the difficult time of menopause. However, recent findings show that a woman is at greater risk for cancer when she takes synthetic hormones for menopause. As the result of new discoveries and forgotten traditional menopausal hormone therapy alternatives, natural help for women going through menopause has come back into public attention.

Natural menopausal hormone therapy has less side effects and virtually no danger of increasing the risk of cancer. Natural hormone therapy can even prevent osteoporosis that so many older women develop after menopause. It can also help keep women from the dangers of heart disease. Women who are experiencing hormonal imbalance due to menopause are now turning to natural plant substances that have such a natural ability to balance hormones that they are being considered menopausal hormone therapy substances. These natural plants have the “biologically identically” qualities of estrogen. When estrogen levels lower in the female body due to menopause, taking these plant based substances can help the body make more of its own estrogen and ease through menopause more easily.

Some people may not believe that these natural hormone replacements are effective. However, as more and more scientific studies are being done on them, the results are that natural hormone replacement therapies are a viable menopausal hormone therapy that can benefit most women.

When choosing natural menopausal hormone therapy products, be sure you choose high quality products that contain the proper blend of ingredients. There are some products that claim to help but that are so weak that they do no good at all. Other natural menopause hormone therapy products are high grade and top quality products. These high grade natural hormone replacement products are being used by more and more women with great results.

One natural substance that has been proven to be beneficial is that of pure soy products made from soy beans. Women can also eat more tofu and drink the soy milk that is now found in most markets.

Black Cohosh is another natural substance used in many alternative menopause hormone therapy regiments. You can find this herb at your health food or herb store or order it online. Black Cohosh has been used for a very long time by herbalists, naturopaths and holistic doctors when they prescribe menopause hormone therapy for women going through menopause. Even traditional medical doctors are now beginning to recognize the fact that natural plant based products can help women who are going through menopause.

Wild yam cream is another natural product that many women use as part of their menopause hormone therapy strategy. Wild yam cream is produced from the wild yams in Mexico and has been proven to be very beneficial in relieving hot flashes. It is also thought to be able to build stronger and healthier bones in women who are going through menopause.

Before starting any menopause hormone therapy it is important to discuss your best plan of action with your medical doctor. If you have other health conditions that warrant the use of synthetic hormone replacement therapy, your doctor can best advise you on that. You can find all of the natural menopause hormone therapy products mentioned online or in your local health food stores.

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