Medical evacuation insurance

With the holiday season fast approaching, millions of Americans are getting ready to jet to various exotic and wonderful locations around the world. How often during your journey to the airport do you find yourself preparing your final check list? Passport…check, Travelers cheques…check, Travel insurance…check. However, have you ever considered medical evacuation insurance? If you are being truly honest, it is without doubt the last thing on your mind. In many cases, international travelers are not even aware that this type of insurance plan even exists. Nevertheless, ignoring Medical Evacuation Insurance could be one of the biggest financial mistakes you will ever make.

When you are in a foreign country it is difficult to know how good any medical facilities may be. What do you do if you are visiting a far-off and remote location that is hundreds of miles away from the nearest medical services and facilities? What would you do if you are in a country where the standard of medical aid is nowhere near comparative to what you would expect in the United States? Unfortunately the majority, if not all, health insurance plans that are issued in the USA will be of little use to you while abroad. You will still need to pay for medical coverage if it is required while on holiday and it may cost you an absolute fortune.

Should you fall ill or sustain an injury whilst traveling abroad, medical evacuation insurance will cover the cost of transportation to a suitable medical facility. You may find yourself in a location that is hundreds of miles away from the nearest medical help and this, in many cases, could prove life threatening. An example may be a cruise holiday, where you are likely to be stranded in the middle of an ocean and if emergency medical care is required, your only option is to be airlifted off the ship. As you may well be aware, the cost of this type of medical transportation can be extremely expensive, often climbing to tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars. However, this cost is merely for your transportation. What happens if you require further trained medical help and personnel? The cost of this may be enough to drive you to bankruptcy.

Whenever a medical emergency occurs, time plays a huge part. Your condition may not allow you to travel by any other means other than being airlifted out. You may be in a part of the world where medical technology leaves a lot to be desired. The longer you leave things, the worse your condition is likely to become. Do you and your family really want to be worrying about the expense and overall costs of such a service? Surely at a time when you require medical assistance the most, it will be ill-fated to worry about the costs you will incur.

Many travel insurance policies offer Medical Evacuation Insurance as a rider or an automatic inclusion within a more comprehensive policy. However, the amount of coverage you require will very much depend on your holiday plans and your destination. Remember the cost of transportation is only the beginning of your journey, and of course the costs involved. You will, no doubt, require trained medical personnel to accompany you on your journey and then there is the cost of treatment and a hospital stay to consider as well.

Medical evacuation insurance is not only applicable for US citizens traveling abroad, but also for immigrants who suffer from any health issues whilst traveling through the USA. Your immediate thoughts are swayed by the cost of health care. Unfortunately the majority of US health policies will not cover an immigrant and therefore a standard medical injury may cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. Is this an expense that you can really afford to pay? Perhaps it may work out far less expensive for you to be transported back to your own country for treatment. You may also wish to consider Expat Health Insurance within your travel insurance policy.

Medical evacuation insurance is often the last form of insurance that any international traveler will consider. However, you should ignore this at your peril. Even the most basic forms of medical assistance could cause you financial hardship and this may be something that will affect you for the rest of your life.

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