Malted milk powder

Malted milk powder is made via a combination of non-diastatic malt flour (although it is occasionally produced in diastatic form), wheat flour and powdered milk. You will typically find that all these ingredients will be evaporated and therefore this gives the powder an extremely fine appearance. This, of course, allows it to be easily absorbed into various liquids. You may often find that malted milk powder may have many additional ingredients and these can include sugar, preservatives and certain flavourings such as vanilla or chocolate. Other forms of malted milk powder can provide a much-needed healthy boost by adding vitamins which will dramatically increase its nutritional value.

Many people love the taste of malted milk powder as it is naturally sweet. Horlicks originally manufactured the first form of malted milk powder in Chicago and it was sold as a formula for infants. However due to its texture and sweet taste, it soon became extremely popular amongst the adult population as well. Parents often used malted milk powder, and indeed Horlicks, to ensure that their children were consuming more milk. This wonderful drink gained a vast amount of popularity during the 1920s. Manufacturers made candy malted milk balls covered in chocolate and its ingredients were also added to milk shakes.

Prior to malted milk powder becoming popular in the US, Switzerland enjoyed a similar drink which was known as Ovamaltine. This drink became popular around the world many years later and was known as Ovaltine. The drink gained in popularity when certain radio shows such as Little Orphan Annie often referred to it during their broadcasts. Although Ovaltine originally contained eggs, the later versions had far more vitamins added and were therefore advertised as an extremely healthy drink.

Malted milk powder became popular once again during the 1950s when the company Carnation used it in many of their drinks. They offered both plain and chocolate varieties of the powder. It wasn’t long before Carnation and Ovaltine became far more popular as a brand than Horlicks, and now, even to this day, you may have difficulty in finding Horlicks in the marketplace.

The original forms of malted milk powder were introduced to consumers without any additional sweeteners. They merely relied on the natural sweetness of certain ingredients such as barley and malt. However in the modern day, the majority of malted milk powder also includes plenty of extra sugar. Nowadays malted milk drinks are considered a treat rather than a healthy staple to your diet. It is still believed that this is a fantastic way to get a child to drink more milk especially when you want and need them to consume far more calories. It is not just a great drink for youngsters as many people like nothing more than a warm cup of Ovaltine, Carnation, or Horlicks.

Malted milk powder is now also used within a variety of baked goods as it is known to produce far more flavour. Many people choose to use a basic powder in recipes for biscuits, muffins and pancakes. These can all be made without the need to add any further sugar or preservatives. You will find by using malted milk powder within these recipes, the taste may improve significantly and you will definitely find more protein within these goods. Some people also choose to use malted milk powder as a natural sweetener rather than sugar.

Although malted milk powder was originally used as a health food for either infants or those who were ill, it soon became popular amongst a new group of people. Due to its high calorie, lightweight and non-perishable nature, many explorers took malted milk powder with them on their tracks around the world. William Horlick actually became a patron of Antarctic exploration and even had a mountain range named after him in Antarctica. Malted milk soon increased in popularity around the world and was often consumed just for the taste. It wasn’t too long before soda fountains were actually offering malted milk. It gained even more popularity when it was mixed with ice cream to produce a lovely and sweet tasting “malt”. This is, in actual fact, how malt shops got their name.

There was even a period of time when it was believed that malted milk drinks could actually assist sleep however these claims were never substantiated. In reality it can help to stave off hunger during the night, which should allow you a far more peaceful and sound sleep. Malted milk powder has now been popularised in certain confectionery such as Whoppers manufactured by Hershey’s and Maltesers manufactured by Mars. Malted milk powder is also an essential ingredient in milkshakes such as Nesquik.

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