Male hormone therapy

Do you want to feel younger and have more energy? Male hormone therapy might be the answer. Men may begin hormone therapy for many reasons. There are many options when choosing male hormone therapy. There are patches, injections, and gels available with synthetic testosterone. One of the biggest reasons that may cause concern is a loss of sexual desire and depression relating from lower testosterone levels. The symptoms of hypogonadism are loss of sex drive, loss of muscle, depression, and headaches. Male hormone therapy seeks to alleviate these symptoms stemming from the cause – loss of testosterone. Many remedies seek to only reduce the symptoms of low testosterone levels. All of the products on the market targeted for older men, such as Viagra, profit off of the vulnerability of this aging phenomenon.

Testosterone is important for maintaining bone density, muscle and fat ratios, sex drive/libido, sperm production, and it makes men feel like men. This hormone occurs naturally in the body but also decreases with age. As the hormone decreases many of these areas also begin to decline. Once thought of as a fact of aging, doctors are now seeing the benefit of male hormone therapy.

Testosterone therapy is important for men who have abnormally low levels of testosterone, and not just for men with normal levels who want to increase their sex drive or improve mental clarity. Although testosterone therapy has many benefits, it is important to resist the urge to abuse this opportunity. There are other products on the market that will help improve bone density and increase sex drive, for example, without using male hormone therapy. A proper, balanced, diet, and regular exercise, including strength training with weights, can naturally improve bone density and muscle mass while losing excess weight. Exercising also helps to improve mood and preserve the sharpness of the brain.

If these simple changes are not enough and testosterone levels are low, male hormone therapy may help. Male hormone therapy treats the abnormal loss of testosterone to work to reduce these symptoms. An increase in sexual desire and general better mood are experienced with male hormone therapy. The normal testosterone ranges are 240 – 1100ng/dl. Male hormone therapy works to achieve a balance of having the testosterone level in the middle of this range. Not enough testosterone in men presents the symptoms listed above, and too much testosterone in men also causes problems as the body will stop making them naturally.

There are many benefits that may exceed the initial reason for use of male hormone therapy, however. Some of these benefits may outweigh the risks. All medication has risks, so the decision must be left to the individual. Benefits include improved mental functioning such as clarity, focus, sharpness, better memory; improved mood and energy, less irritability and depression and depression-related symptoms; improved sexual desire, better muscle mass, strength, and bone density.

Before receiving male hormone therapy, all men must take care of any precautions and note the possible risks. All men must see a doctor who will take a multitude of tests to check the current testosterone level and other tests to check general health and weight. Hormone therapy may increase the risk of certain cancers, so a regular testicular exam is necessary to catch any changes. Baldness may occur, and changes in sleep may be positive (better sleep quality) or negative (snoring, sleep apnea). Hormone therapy may also inhibit blood cell or sperm cell production and cause acne. Making the choice to take hormone therapy is difficult, but the benefits of receiving male hormone therapy and feeling “young” again can make it all worth it.

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