Lysine for herpes treatment

Herpes is a virus that has no known cure. However, both HSV1 (cold sores) and HSV2 (genital herpes) can be treated by natural means to help prevent and control outbreaks as well as by prescription drugs. Lysine for herpes treatment is a good alternative to prescribed medications that can have unpleasant side effects.

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to using Lysine for herpes treatment. Lysine can help stop the outbreak and lessen the time the outbreak lasts. Lysine is actually an essential amino acid and you can usually buy it in the form of L-lysine if you want to take it as a supplement. Being an essential amino acid, it can not be made by the body, but is found in certain foods and lysine supplements.

People who suffer from genital herpes as well as cold sores are looking for natural remedies more and more these days. Prescription drug treatments for herpes can have serious side effects and many more people are opting for a more natural way to control the outbreak and duration of herpes. You can take L-lysine supplements with an antiviral medication if you want to or you can simply use lysine for herpes treatment alone. Many people find great relief when they use lysine alone when they do not want to take prescribed medications.

The essential amino acid lysine is found in high protein foods. This includes foods like cheese, eggs, milk, red meat and fish. Clinical studies have been done and the encouraging results show that lysine can be used to effectively treat herpes to reduce the occurrence, length and severity of the outbreak. When taking lysine for herpes treatment, you should also increase the amount of protein foods you are eating and cut down or avoid fatty and sugary foods.

Exposure to the virus Herpes Simplex 1 is usually the cause of cold sores. However exposure to the genital herpes virus, Herpes Simplex 2 can also cause cold sores. Being exposed to someone who is infected with herpes puts you at risk for the virus since it is highly contagious. Sexual contact with someone who is having an outbreak of herpes can cause you to get herpes yourself. You can also get herpes if you share the eating utensils, drinking bottles or towels of someone else who is infected. Actually, contact with anything an infected person touches with an infected lesion can expose you to also to the herpes virus.

Lysine supplements can boost a person’s immune system to help control the outbreak of herpes once you have gotten the virus. You can purchase lysine for herpes treatment in capsule form, powder and also as a topical cream. The herpes virus can be controlled by taking lysine because it will reduce levels of another amino acid in your cells. This other amino acid is arginine which is thought to feed the herpes virus. By lowering your arginine levels by increasing your intake of lysine it is a very good way to use lysine for herpes treatment. You should also reduce or avoid foods high in arginine like nuts, seeds and chocolate.

If you want to take lysine for herpes treatment you should take it in therapeutic dosages. This means that you should take 1 g three times daily as part of your diet. You should discuss taking lysine with your health provider if you have been diagnosed with HVS2 before you stop taking any prescription medication. Not all medical doctors will agree that taking lysine for herpes treatment is a good idea. You can find lysine for herpes treatment in health food store, drug store and on the internet.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I totally agree, we need more homeopathic or natural medicines not only for herpes but for other illnessess. People have no idea how these prescriptions that are chemicals will affect their bodies in the future. Many of these prescription medicines have terrible side effects and destroy your organs. Also, these medicines only put a bandage on herpes, they do not boost the immune system which is an integral part of treating herpes.

  2. The studies of lysine therapy as part of herpes treatment are encouraging. One other aspect to consider when using diet for herpes management is the amount of arginine in one’s diet. There have been studies that show a high Lysine/Arginine ratio helps with herpes relief and outbreak prevention (more on the prevention side than relief).


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