Longevity diet

Back in 1935 a study was conducted on mice to find out what would happen to them if they were on a calorie restricted diet. The results were astonishing. The rodents that were given all they wanted to eat every day ended up dying long before the ones that were on a diet that was nutrient rich, but restricted in calories. The rodents that ate less lived longer, so a restricted calorie diet began to be referred to as the Longevity Diet. There was then another study done on primates to see if they would have the same results. The results were the same. This was a 20 year study and the primates that were fed the longevity diet also lived longer than the primates that were not fed a restricted calorie diet.

Even though humans were not followed in regards to the initial longevity diet studies, it is now thought that those who stay on the longevity diet can delay the aging process and live longer too. It is also now the view of many experts that people who eat as many calories as they want every day end up shortening their lifespan. Then there was the Biosphere experiment where people lived in a contained facility and did not leave it for 2 years. Because of extenuating circumstances, they had to severely restrict their daily calorie intake and some interesting health results were observed when the experiment was over. The people that stayed in the biosphere facility had their health profiles done when it was over and they were remarkably healthy. Much to everyone’s surprise, they ended up having very healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The amount of c-reactive protein in their blood, which is responsible for the inflammation that leads to disease, was significantly improved as well.

People who go on the Longevity diet should slowly lower the amount of calories that they eat everyday and not try to suddenly restrict their calories. This is a diet that has to be very nutrient rich. The Longevity diet includes foods like lean meats, fish, lean poultry, vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains. You are not supposed to eat any foods that contain empty calories like sugar or white flour and processed foods. Sugary foods like cakes, cookies, donuts, candy bars, ice cream, pies etc should be avoided. No sodas, diet or otherwise. No energy drinks and bars. No white breads or biscuits or pastas made with white flour. No white rice. Again, the aim is to eat foods that are nutrient rich so breads should be eaten that are made from whole wheat flour, rye bread, oat bread or breads made from soy flour. Processed foods have empty calories and sugars and salt added so they should be avoided when you are on the Longevity diet also. Whole grains, brown rice and beans are allowed on a calorie restricted diet.

When people go on a longevity diet they will lose significant amounts of body weight. It has already been proven that being overweight can shorten the lifespan of humans. It turns out the reverse may be true as well. A slightly underweight person may have a longer lifespan. However just going on the Longevity Diet is no guarantee that you will live longer. Someone who is considering going on the Longevity Diet should first consult their physician, especially if they are taking prescription medications.

The Longevity Diet aims to lower calorie consumption by 25-30%. The normal calorie consumption for American adults is between 2000 and 3000 calories a day. If you lower that to a diet containing around 1400 calories a day, that is considered calorie restriction. However the type of calories is extremely important. They must be highly nutritious calorie choices. A group has been formed called the Calorie Restriction Society that studies and supports members on the Longevity Diet. They have reported that when they measure the diastolic function of people on the Longevity Diet, the readings have been as low as people who are almost 2 decades younger. People who go on the Longevity Diet are also encouraged to exercise daily to improve their health.

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