Lithium orotate

Lately there’s been some buzz around the idea that Lithium orotate can be used to treat ADHD symptoms in a very safe and effective manner. Lithium has been used for some time now in the treatment of bipolar disorder because it deals both with the mania and the depression aspects of the disorder. However, in those cases the form of lithium used is that of lithium carbonate and lithium citrate. Lithium orotate is something a bit different than the others. Regardless of this, considering the mineral’s well documented properties of treating the symptoms of mania and depression that also show themselves in the ADHD sufferer; it is plain to see why people have started looking into the mineral as an alternative to treating ADHD.

Lithium orotate, in the small quantities that it is used, is considered to be non-toxic when compared to the other lithium salts usually used as antidepressants which shouldn’t be given to children under twelve anyway. This coupled with the fact that it can be purchased as a dietary supplement without a prescription has lead many individuals looking for an alternative to the present ADHD drugs to test it out. There is at least one study that showed lithium orotate to be at least as effective as Ritalin is in dealing with symptoms of impulsivity, hyperactivity and lack of focus.

The way in which lithium works as a mood-stabilizer is unknown yet, but it is thought that it somehow interacts and disturbs the normal transfer of monovalent or divalent cations in brain cells. There’s been a shift of focus towards this compound because many of the drugs currently prescribed for individuals suffering from ADHD have been getting a lot of criticisms due to their far reaching and sometimes dangerous side effects like high blood pressure and heart attacks.

An interesting tidbit about the use of lithium across history is the fact that lithium citrate was used in the recipe of 7Up up till 1950 when it was removed from the ingredient list. Before that time, the drink was marketed as a hangover cure because of the mood stabilizing properties of the lithium citrate.

Lithium orotate is a great alternative for parents with children suffering from ADHD because it offers them the chance of treating their child’s disorder with a non-toxic compound that doesn’t make the child too mellow. This form of lithium refers to the fact that the lithium component is linked with an orotate ion and not a carbonate ion; it most commonly found in the form of pill supplements.

One of the main problems with lithium salts as treatments is the fact that they are only effective when in doses close to those that would cause toxicity, which makes them very difficult to administer and require constant blood monitoring to make sure that the concentration of lithium doesn’t exceed certain levels, which will cause toxic effects like tremor or ataxia to show themselves.

Another benefit that makes the option of trying out lithium orotate freezable is the fact that it hasn’t yet been linked to the side effects normally associated with other lithium compounds like general weakness and drowsiness, gastrointestinal problems and many others.

Regardless of this, the taking of lithium orotate as a supplement to deal with the symptoms of ADHD should only been done after it is discussed with a doctor. The compound can interact with other medications an individual might be taking at that time. There is the risk of some side effects appearing because our bodies interact and react differently with different compounds and this is why the compound is undergoing extensive research at the moment.

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