Liquid whey protein

Whey protein supplements have come a long way from the old powdered mixed protein drinks. There is a new liquid whey protein on the market these days that makes taking protein supplements easy and convenient. New technology and advances in production techniques has put the spotlight on a new way to take protein supplements.

Not only is there intense interest in the new liquid whey protein supplement by those who are into fitness and strength and muscle training, many people seeking to loose weight and those who have gone through gastric bypass surgery are also interested in liquid whey protein supplements. People who want to have the convenience of a grab and go liquid whey protein also want an exceptionally good protein supplement that tastes great. There are several new products on the market that give you both the convenience you want and the great taste that you need in a liquid protein supplement.

Until recently, most of the protein supplements were on the market were sold in powder form that you mixed with water, juice or milk. There are a few other new liquid whey protein drinks on the market right now, but one that is being sold by IDS is the most popular. Another ready to drink liquid protein supplement for sale on the market is made by Champion. Both of these products promise that their liquid protein drinks can help build and maintain lean muscle mass. Both are used by people who are into body building and bulking up as well as those who want to lose body fat. Using liquid whey protein supplements is a great way to ingest more protein and then be able to digest it more efficiently as well. Research is being been done to see how protein supplements help fight cardiac diseases and what benefit there is in using it in infant formulas.

Liquid whey protein is sold in 3 oz vials that you can take with you very easily. Women can carry a container easily in their purse. They make a great supplement for people who are on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Body builders who are told to drink their protein drinks right after a work out love the ease and convenience that these liquid whey protein vials give them. In fact this is the most convenient way to get protein that anyone has ever offered. Liquid whey protein vials put an end to all of that messing mixing of powdered proteins and cleaning up the mess that is made after. For people who are on the go all of the time this is the perfect protein supplement. Liquid whey protein even beats the other alternative of using protein bars as supplements and meal replacements. There is no chewing necessary and no added calories that protein bars give you. You can literally drink your protein supplement in a matter of seconds.

Liquid when protein is not a drink that is used anytime you are thirsty. It is strictly for use as a protein supplement. The vials that you can buy them in come in different sizes. There is a 25g vial available and a 42g vial. Some liquid whey protein supplements do not contain fat or carbohydrates and others may contain a small amount so if you are strictly cutting out the fat and carbs you should read the labels on the various products.

Liquid whey protein supplements come in various flavors too. Look for fruit punch, blue raspberry, grape and orange flavors. You can find it now with the healthy Acai berry flavoring also. Some of them are sold in variety flavor packs so you can try all of the flavors. Look for liquid when protein in your local health food stores or online.

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