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One of the most common health problems that people face today are weight issues. Obesity is a growing issue and this has caused a great many diet plans and programs to be brought out into the market. One approach to weight loss that many people have tried is a liquid protein diet. This diet can be effective for weight loss over a short period of time, but there are some major disadvantages.

A liquid protein diet will require you to substitute some of your meals for a liquid shake that is fortified with vitamins, minerals and protein. For a short period of time, this diet can be maintained with all of your nutritional requirements met. However, many people find that if there is a significant amount of weight to lose, the diet is difficult to maintain over the long term. Continuing on a liquid protein diet will require you to have a great deal of willpower. For quick weight loss though, it is effective.

Many people find that a liquid protein diet is a good way to begin a diet regimen and get off to a good start. It is necessary to begin learning how to eat nutritious meals without the need for a liquid protein diet. That is one of the problems with this type of diet. You do not have an opportunity to learn how to cut your calories and lose weight with good healthy foods.

Eventually, you will have to begin eating regular foods and the danger of a liquid protein diet is regaining the weight that you may have lost. Many of the plans have a method for getting you off of the diet shake and back on regular meals slowly over time. If you follow the plan closely and continue to monitor your weight and food after the diet is over, you can be successful. Some people find that they just go back to their old way of eating and regain the weight back again.

There have been numerous studies that have shown a liquid protein diet to be perfectly healthy on a twelve week schedule. Earlier versions of these diets did have a detrimental effect on your health and did lead to the development of gallstones and abnormal EKG levels. Today’s programs have much more nutrients in the liquid protein diet so that these health effects do not occur.

When you are using a liquid protein diet, it is important that you learn how to plan a well balanced meal and plan for the day when you will no longer be using the diet drink. Eating a diet that has good lean sources of protein from meat, poultry and fish as well as carbohydrates and fat, will ensure that you maintain your weight loss after the liquid protein diet is completed.

A liquid protein diet can be an inexpensive way to lose weight quickly and effectively as long as it is followed precisely according to the directions. Losing weight will bring an immediate health benefit as you reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, joint pain, and cancer.

When choosing your liquid protein diet, choose one that has a plan to stop using the product over time and a maintenance plan to help keep the weight off. Losing weight is an incentive to continue the weight loss program, but gaining the weight back is one of the most common problems. For a diet to be considered successful, the weight loss should be maintained for at least a year. This allows you to incorporate all the nutritional skills that you have learned through your diet program.

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  1. Jay says:

    A liquid diet needs to be approached with care. As the author points out, there are a number of risks involved, most connected with the limited amounts of protein and other minerals. However, if a liquid diet is the approach you are taking, then look into using smoothies to be able to get a very wide range of nutrients. And, by adding supplements such as ground Chia seed, you will be able to replace most of the required nutrition.

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