Lexapro side effects

Lexapro is a prescription medication that doctors prescribe for many other patients who are depressed. Lexapro is tolerated well by most people. There are some common Lexapro side effects that a lot of people do experience, however. Most of the Lexapro side effects are minor, but some can be intolerable for some people. There are a few Lexapro side effects that people should be aware of that may cause them more problems than help. If you are taking Lexapro for depression and you are experiencing some of these intolerable side effects than should ask your doctor to change a prescription to another type of antidepressant.

Some of the more common Lexapro side effects include such things as becoming overly tired, having a lack of energy, headaches and nausea. As your body adjusts to Lexapro these common side effects generally will go away. However there is one of the more dangerous Lexapro side effects that involve the patient having suicidal thoughts, insomnia, and heart palpitations.

Another one of the common Lexapro side effects is that of weight gain. Many people gain weight when they take Lexapro, but not all people do. The weight gain may be caused by a change in eating patterns because of depression however. On the other hand, some people who take Lexapro lose weight. However this has only shown to happen in about 1 percent of the people who take Lexapro for depression.

There are some Lexapro side effects that affect the person’s sexuality also. Taking Lexapro can cause such things impotence and pre-mature ejaculation in men and problems with achieving orgasm in women. Both men and women who take Lexapro may experience a drop in their normal sex drive as well. However, these problems only affect about 7 percent of the people who take Lexapro.

Lexapro side effects can also cause hair loss. Hair loss is one of the side effects that is very infrequent. If you are taking Lexapro and notice that you are experiencing hair loss you should go to the doctor and find out what he can do about it. Your doctor may lower the dose of Lexapro or he may give you a different kind of antidepressant.

It has been documented that about 12 percent of the people who are taking Lexapro will develop insomnia as well. If you are having trouble falling to sleep or you are waking up frequently in the middle and night and can go back to sleep, that means you have insomnia. If you are experiencing insomnia you should go to the doctor to discuss the consequences of taking Lexapro and insomnia.

One very common Lexapro side effect includes that of dry mouth. If you are taking Lexapro and are experiencing dry mouth you should stop the consumption of alcohol and try to quit smoking. It also helps to cut down on eating salty or spicy foods. One thing you can do to help counter the effects of dry mouth is to chew gum into drink a lot of water.

Some patients also report that Lexapro side effects include strange burning sensation in different areas of the body. Some people will have a burning sensation on top of their head, on their arms, legs or feet. Other people who take Lexapro also say it can make their skin feels like it is tingling and itchy all over.

One of the Lexapro side effects that has already been mentioned is headaches. If you are experiencing migraine headaches while taking Lexapro you should talk to your medical practitioner about it. In fact, if any of the side effects you are experiencing while taking Lexapro are intolerable for you, make sure you let your doctor know. He or she may be able to adjust the dose or give you a different kind of medication for depression.


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