Lavender oil

Lavender oil is an essential oil that has many health benefits. It is obtained by distilling lavender plants and combined with many phytochemicals to produce a high concentration essential oil. It is well known for its effects when used in aromatherapy. It is also found in perfumes due to its light, relaxing scent. It can also be added to many products to aid in many ailments. The following are some of the varied uses for lavender oil.

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses the power of the smell for psychological and physical well being. It can relieve many ailments and impact the emotions and feelings of the person by smelling a certain scent. It is used in perfumes to promote an image of the person wearing the perfume. It is therapeutic and a wonderful addition to any person’s lifestyle. Everyone knows the power of the nose. Smell is the strongest link in memory, and it can impact the mood in an instant. Smell helps us remember and form opinions about places and people. Lavender oil’s uses were discovered by a chemist named Rene-Maurice Gattefossé who burned his hand in a laboratory explosion and then treated the burns with lavender oil. Almost 100 years later, lavender oil still remains a popular choice in aromatherapy for many uses including burns, stings, anxiety, and headaches. Read more to learn about the uses of lavender oil.

Lavender oil has many uses that span across the entire body, including nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, and more. The scent of lavender oil can be inhaled to relieve tension headaches, treat coughs, and relieve anxiety. It can also treat minor burns and stings. Lavender oil can also induce sleep since it provides a relaxing effect upon those who smell the scent. It can relieve cramps and help in balancing the hormones and aid in urine production, relieving urinary disorders.

Lavender oil is found in many personal care products due to its pleasant scent and relaxing capabilities. The oil is found in shampoos and conditioners and can help treat lice. It is an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing sunburns, eczema, acne, and even wrinkles. Lavender oil improves blood flow and aids in a healthy digestive system. There are truly endless uses for this great smelling oil.

Buying lavender oil can involve searching on the internet or looking in an alternative medicine store. Lavender oil can be applied to the skin or mixed with a carrier oil. It can also be used in a fragrance to make perfumes, soap, and body wash. You can make these by yourself or buy them already made, but often they come with chemicals that can irritate the skin. Making products yourself is creative and cheaper than buying a mass-produced item filled with hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Try making a lavender soap with your lavender essential oils and glycerin. There are many helpful websites to aid you in that process.

The best way to experience lavender oil is to breathe it in during a soothing bathe or place the oil mixed with other natural oils on your skin. This can relieve anxiety and promote a deep sleep and make you smell refreshed and clean. The lavender oil on your skin can also sooth burns like aloe vera. It can also repel mosquitoes and is a common ingredient in those products.

Lavender oil is great aromatherapy for many uses. Whether applied directly to the skin, inhaled, or made into a soap or shampoo, lavender oil can relax the body and provide relief for many common ailments. Buy a vial of lavender essential oil today and be amazed at the power of aromatherapy.

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