You may have never heard of Ipriflavone as it is a newer supplement. Regardless of it being relatively new to the market, it has many interesting properties and benefits associated with it. Ipriflavone is an isoflavone, which you may be familiar with, as isoflavones are often taken by body builders as well as those who are not bodybuilders but want the benefits of a healthier body overall.

Ipriflavone is interesting because it works to inhibit a calcium dependent protease in the body. Studies have proven that taking it is completely safe and there are no known side effects associated with its use. While it is just now being used by a growing number of people Ipriflavone was created and even patented in 1976 and was an anabolic agent. Later it was found that ipriflavone could be used to fight osteoporosis and can also help to increase cardiovascular capacity.

Ipriflavone was introduced to the body building world some time ago by a man named Patrick Arnold. The reason that this is a product that is used by the body building community is because it has anabolic properties to it. The anabolic qualities of the supplement are associated with the nitrogen retention that is seen after taking it, which is seen without calorie intake. To get these effects though, one would have to take rather large doses ranging from one to three grams per day and this wouldn’t be as cost effective as other products that can achieve the same results for a lot less in the way of money.

Ipriflavone is now known more widely as a treatment to increase cardiovascular capacity. It can be used when someone is going to be partaking in distance racing, weight training, or bicycling. The reason that Ipriflavone is so effective in these circumstances is because it has an oxygen sparing effect. Studies have shown that in rabbits who took the supplements for eight consecutive days had a significant decrease in the consumption of oxygen by their hearts. This would allow for one to go for longer than they would normally be able to go in a high stress situation such as a race without tiring as fast, which would obviously be beneficial.

While ipriflavone wasn’t made to be a supplement used in the treatment of osteoporosis, it is used in a large number of individuals who suffer from this condition, most notably post menopausal women who are suffering. The reason that Ipriflavone is used to treat osteoporosis is because it can inhibit bone resorption, which is a bone degrading activity that goes on in people who suffer from osteoporosis. The supplement has been used with the most success in women because it requires some estrogen to be present in the system to be protective, and women obviously have more estrogen than men. Those who take Ipriflavone who have osteoporosis or other bone diseases usually report a decrease in pain associated with their condition.

The only problem with ipriflavone is that the body has a hard time absorbing it. It has been found to be better absorbed when taken on a full stomach and even better absorption rates occur when taken with a full stomach in the presence of corn oil. Most body builders will not find that the anabolic properties are worth the dosages that need to be taken to achieve the anabolic results, because the absorption rate is so low. Those suffering from osteoporosis will usually need to take relatively large doses two to three times a day to make up for the low absorption rate.

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