International travel health insurance

There are millions of international travelers who journey abroad each and every year. Certain individuals may be departing for a vacation, while others have a business or corporate trip. Perhaps there are even international students who choose to study overseas. However the majority of globetrotters are blissfully unaware that their medical insurance policies will be of little, if no, use while abroad.

If you are in a foreign country, medical treatment, or in more drastic circumstances, a life threatening situation may set you back many thousands of dollars. In fact you can expect it to cost far more than the initial holiday. For this reason we have International Travel Health Insurance or Medical Travel Insurance. This is for your peace of mind, to protect you from the unexpected and to take the risk out of international travel.

Short Term International Travel Insurance – There is a risk involved whenever you are in a foreign country and if you are not familiar with their health care services. Should you be in need of medical attention and you don’t have the appropriate medical insurance, this can cause you some extremely serious financial hardship. You can protect yourself against this by choosing an international travel insurance plan that is tailored to your individual needs. A Short Term policy is ideal for vacations, short to medium length corporate travel, to study abroad and for the more adventurous of you, extreme sports trips.

International Student Health Insurance – This is comprehensive protection for any international students or scholars who are attending university abroad. In the US alone, there is believed to be well in excess of one million students immersed in international education programs each year. This type of insurance plan is specifically designed to provide individual coverage against circumstances such as, medical emergencies, intercollegiate sports, acts of terrorism, etc. You can also choose to have cover for your family as you would not wish them to face financial liability on your behalf.

Expatriate Insurance – If you are a US citizen living and working abroad, the majority of US private health insurance policies will have geographical exclusions. Unfortunately, it is more than likely that you will not be eligible to join the government sponsored health insurance schemes of the country in which you are living. Expatriate Insurance will ensure that you have access to full private healthcare while residing in another country and also for any return visits to the US.

Group International Travel Health Insurance – Traveling abroad is not merely for the individual and many insurance companies offer some form of group coverage. This type of policy is usually tailored for groups of 5 or more people. For a number of US citizens visiting foreign destinations from 5 days up to a year, this protection is ideal. Group International Travel Health Insurance is well suited to students, missionaries and business executives.

Short Term Medical Insurance – Disaster can strike at any moment and even being uninsured for a very short period of time can have catastrophic consequences. This type of insurance is suited to recent international college students returning to the US or young families in transition from abroad. Your circumstances can change at any given moment and often you may find that you are not protected when you need it most. Short Term Medical Insurance will also be applicable for early retirees prior to them leaving to live in another country.

There are many reasons for traveling to a foreign country and even more things to consider before you go. However, how high on your list of priorities is International Travel Health Insurance? If the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones is important to you, it should be at the very top.

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