Incontinence products

It is not typically recommended that people use incontinence pads or other products prior to receiving advice from a doctor or continence adviser. However incontinence products are definitely a way to make life a little easier while you are waiting for a diagnosis. There are various forms of absorbent pads and pull-ups that are able to deal with urine leaks and these are available to both men and women who suffer from incontinence. The majority of these products use pretty much the same technology as nappies and involve the use of a hydrophobic layer. This layer will actually draw urine away from the surface of the pad, and thus ensure that your skin will stay dry.

Often many women will use sanitary pads rather than incontinence pads. This is mainly because they are cheaper however you should be aware that they do not use the same technology. Unfortunately the pad may stay damp and will therefore make your skin very sore. It is highly recommended that you should pay the extra for incontinence pads, as they will be far more comfortable and indeed effective. If you are someone who suffers from severe leakages there are district nurses and continence clinics who will supply these specific pads. They will typically be quite big and bulky and can often be delivered directly to your home.

The majority of women would prefer to wear a thin and discreet pad that you can attach to your underwear. This is fine if they are suffering from a mild to moderate form of incontinence and you can actually purchase these yourselves from many supermarkets, drug stores and indeed online. There is no specific brand that is believed to be better than another and pretty much all incontinence pads are of a high quality. An alternative that has been used by many women who suffer from stress related incontinence is super-size tampons. Typically wearing a tampon will apply pressure to the bladder which will stop any leakage upon exertion. This is often a great advantage to women who are on a long day out, or perhaps even attending an exercise or aerobics class.

Amongst the many other useful incontinence products you, will find sheaths and drainage systems for men and specific urine collection devices for both men and women. There is also a specific incontinence bedding that is available. This will usually sit on top of the mattress and is able to soak up any overnight leakage. You will find that the pads stay dry to touch and can be extremely useful for any trips that you are planning away from home.

Some of the more popular incontinence products include:

One leg pants – these are specifically designed for both men and women. They use urinary condoms or internal catheters. Typically a urinary plastic drainage bag will be secured to your right or left leg just above the knee. This can provide a secure and discreet way to hide the problems of incontinence.

Pull-on pants – these are once again designed for both men and women and should be used over cloth diapers. They are manufactured with the softest medical grade vinyl plastic and will typically provide an outstanding fit. They are known to be extremely comfortable and also come in various colours and prints.

Pull-on Terry cloth adult diapers – this is, without doubt, one of the best products in the marketplace for people who suffer from incontinence. They are known to help with faecal and urinary incontinence. They are considered far better than disposable adult diapers, and are just as affordable and also healthy for you and the environment. They have two layers in the crotch area and an additional six layers inside the soft flannel. This will provide one of the best forms of incontinence protection you can get.

Unfortunately millions of people experience bladder weakness and this is definitely no laughing matter. It can affect your everyday life, and is often something that you do not wish to discuss with others. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, bladder weakness can affect you at any time. In addition to using incontinence products, many experts suggest pelvic floor exercises. These exercises can be extremely beneficial, and statistics reveal that up to 70% of people with incontinence will experience a dramatic improvement. Pelvic floor exercises will help to strengthen the muscles that support your bladder, and additionally they can also tone up your midsection (a nice bonus, I’m sure you will agree). A pelvic floor exercise is as simple as squeezing the PC muscle, this is the same muscle that you squeeze whenever you try to stop yourself from uniting. Simply squeeze the muscle and hold for as long as possible and repeat numerous times throughout the day.

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