Hyperparathyroidism symptoms

Hyperparathyroidism is a parathyroid gland condition that is caused when an excess of the parathyroid hormone is being produced. The result of hyperparathyroidism is an extremely high amount of calcium in your blood and a variety of serious health effects. This is often caused by at least one of the parathyroid glands becoming enlarged and being too active.

There are multiple types of hyperparathyroidism and they are slightly different. There is primary and secondary hyperparathyroidism. Primary hyperparathyroidism is when the condition is directly created by the parathyroids while secondary hyperparathyroidism is when the condition is caused by complications such as a kidney failure. The more common would be primary hyperparathyroidism though so that is what will be focused on when going over hyperparathyroidism symptoms.

List of Hyperparathyroidism Symptoms

The list of hyperparathyroidism symptoms is very long but some of the more common and noteworthy symptoms will be listed here. If you are in the process of diagnosing your condition then you may want to find a complete list as there are only some of the more noticeable symptoms covered in this article.

Some of the more common hyperparathyroidism symptoms include: energy loss, fatigue, nausea, feeling unmotivated, feeling old and constantly bored, loss of concentration, depressed, sore bones, having trouble sleeping at night, irritable, hard to get along with, loss of sex drive, thinning hair, kidney stones, abnormally high blood pressure, and constant headaches.

While that is quite a list of symptoms, there are still many more possible symptoms and side effects to hyperparathyroidism. If you have this condition then it is likely that you can notice at least four or five of these symptoms regularly occurring in your life. If this is the case then you will definitely want to make sure that you get a diagnosis for your condition by your doctor.

Noticing the symptoms may not be easy though as there are people with the condition that have claimed to not notice any of these symptoms. However, everyone that has treated their condition has claimed that they feel much better after they were treated than they felt when they had the condition. So even if you do not really feel too bad and do not notice many of these symptoms it is still possible that you have hyperparathyroidism and just do not realize it.

It is important to find a treatment option as soon as you have been diagnosed with the condition as you want to get the parathyroid tumor removed as quickly as possible. Once you do get it removed though you will feel a lot better and any of these possible side effects to the condition should be removed.

Almost all people with hyperparathyroidism will have a minimum of three of the listed symptoms but not all of them may seem to suggest a serious medical problem. The longer you live with the disorder the more likely you will become subject to more hyperparathyroidism symptoms. It is also important to know that these symptoms are not just noticed in people that have extremely high calcium levels. Also, it should be known that your calcium level does not directly relate to the severity of hyperparathyroidism symptoms.

While not everything about the condition has been discovered yet, there are treatment methods if you do have the disorder. Your doctor will be able to suggest the best treatment method available for you. In closing, if you ever notice that you are living with some of these hyperparathyroidism you should get your condition diagnosed by your doctor immediately so you are able to get it treated as quickly as possible.

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