Human growth hormone

The current scientific knowledge that we have about the human body is that as we grow and age, our pituitary gland releases a human growth hormone. The organs of the body absorb the hormone and use it to help the body grow. This human growth hormone (HGH) is what causes the body to grow into adulthood. If there is too little human growth hormone released in the body, natural and normal growth will be stunted. If there is too much human growth hormone released, an abnormal growth will take place. This is one explanation for dwarfism and why some people can grow abnormally tall.

It is normal for large quantities of human growth hormone to be released when we are children. That is what helps us grow and reach adulthood. Once human beings reach adulthood however, less and less human growth hormone is released until we eventually reach old age. During old age, there is no more release of human growth hormone. That is why wrinkles set in, memory loss is considered normal, organs begin to malfunction and fail, bone loss occurs and hair begins to fall out, etc.

Human growth hormone can help boost energy levels and is thought to help slow down the aging process and may even prevent some diseases. However, companies that make human growth hormone are not allowed to make claims that it can treat or cure diseases. The FDA has approved HGH as a cure for dwarfism.

You can purchase human growth hormone on your own if you want to try using it to combat aging. It comes in pill form, as an injectable shot form and as a spray. It has been suggested that using human growth hormone in shot form or as a spray is best because the body will only absorb about 10 percent of it in pill form. There are alsoc certain supplements that you can take that can stimulate the body to make more of its own HGH. Human growth hormone supplements can help you live a much healthier and longer life but it will not permanently stop the aging process. Your memory can improve, muscles will stay strong and even grow larger and you will have more energy if you take human growth hormone. Many people who take human growth hormone claim that they feel so much stronger and energetic.

It is not only aging individuals to want to take human growth hormone. Body builders also are known to take HGH to help build up stronger and larger muscles. Bodybuilders who take human growth hormone report that they develop lean muscles, have increased strength and feel more youthful and energetic. However, HGH has been banned by NCAA and WADA and other sports organizations and athletes are not allowed to use it if they are competing.

Taking human growth hormone is not without side effects. The higher levels of HGH that you take the more side effects you can experience. If you already have a normal level of human growth hormone, you should not take human growth hormone. You should discuss taking it with your doctor first. Too much human growth hormone in your system can lead to heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes as well as many others health problems.

There are safe affordable human growth supplements that the average person can buy as a dietary supplement. These contain certain amino acids that are beneficial to the body to stimulate the pituitary gland itself to make and release its own HGH. To find these human growth supplements you can look for them online or ask for them at your health food store.

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