Homeopathy for autism

Autism is a grown concern for many parents in the western world. It is safe to say that the incidence of children being diagnosed with autism has reached epidemic proportions. Many parents are concerned that the standard medical treatment and psychological therapies used for autism will not help their child achieve their highest potentials. Because of this, the interest in homeopathy for autism is growing. The good news is that there are successful homeopathic remedies to treat children affected with Autism Spectrum Disorder (A.D.S.). Homeopathy is an alternative form of medical treatment. It uses preparations that are heavily diluted. In their non diluted form these preparations are thought to cause similar symptoms to the ones they are trying to treat. Once homeopathy for autism is begun there will be a marked difference in their child’s interaction with other people, communication skills, behavior and sensory and motor functions. However, there is no real cure for autism.

Children with autism will have a flat or high-pitched speech pattern. They will repeat words and have difficulty empathizing with others. They lack eye contact and do not like to continue conversations. An autistic child will prefer to play alone and requires little verbal interaction with others. Learning disorders are prevalent and the child may be hypersensitive to light, sound, crowds, external stimuli and pain. An autistic child has difficulty with change of any kind and may be obsessed with certain activities. They are physically awkward and are slow to develop their motor skills. Most children with autism are overwhelmed with confusion and frustration.

Homeopathy for autism is prescribed based upon the symptoms the child is experiencing. This is because the illness can affect some children in a way that is different from another child with autism. If the homeopathic practitioner is treating 10 different children with autism he may use 10 altogether different treatments. There are a few treatments that are more commonly used than others however.

A complete cure cannot be expected when using homeopathy for autism. However, significant improvements can be seen in most cases. Homeopathy for autism is best begun early. If the child is younger than 5 a better improvement will be seen. Using homeopathy treatments and remedies can be a long drawn out process and may be needed for months and years.

A parent should not try to use homeopathy for autism remedy with out the aid of an experienced homeopath. The treatments should be done one at a time and should not be mixed. Each treatment should be tried for at least a year. It is best to take your child to a practitioner that is dedicated to classical homeopathy. It should be noted that not all homeopaths have a thorough training in homeopathy unless they use only standard homeopathic protocols. Before taking your child to a homeopath and attempting homeopathy for autism you should enquire about the practitioner’s qualifications and training. One who can successfully treat autism in children should have had at least four years of training in homeopathy. It is even better if they have had several years of clinical experience in the successful use of homeopathy for autism. You may also want to ask to see patient references before allowing your child to be treated by homeopathic practitioner.

A good homeopathic practitioner will use variants of detox and sequential approaches when indicated and will cease using them when there is no progress. Homeopathy for autism will also involve the use of nosodes as remedies. Nosodes are a homeopathic medicine that is derived from diseased material or tissues. Parents should not become alarmed at the use of nosdodes when an experienced homeopathic practitioner is administering homeopathy for autism treatments.

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