Herbs for infertility

When you are young, avoiding pregnancy at all costs is the goal; the thought of a pregnancy while you are in high school, college, or even the early stages of your career, strikes fear in the loving hearts of many young men and women. But eventually, in each of these folks’ lives, there comes a time when a pregnancy is the goal. When visions of cloth diapers, little foot prints, and childish giggles fill each of the prospective parent’s heads and make having a baby priority one. Unfortunately, it is at this point that many couples find they are facing infertility.

While some may choose to treat their infertility with methods like in vitro fertilization, others worry that this could cause the birth of more than one baby, and more than a couple of new parents can realistically handle. That leads many infertile couples down the road of natural treatment which includes the use of herbs for infertility.

Reasons for Infertility
It is important to remember that infertility is probably neither parent’s fault. Although wearing too tight clothes can cause the reduced production of sperm in a man, it does not necessarily result in infertility. With women, the lessening number of eggs as they age can be a factor—and again, not the woman’s fault. Of course, things like heavy drinking, starvation or near starvation diets and stress can all cause infertility as well. These can all be remedied by the couple fairly easily.

There are natural abnormalities that can affect both men and women and cause infertility. Studies have shown that about 35% of infertility is a result of one of these abnormalities in the make and 35% from the female. 20% of infertility can be caused by abnormalities in both of the people in the couple. It’s the last 10%, the unknown portion, that can most benefit from herbs for infertility.

How Herbs Can Help
The history of using herbs for infertility starts in China, where they have been used since 200 A.D. When you decide to use herbs for infertility treatment, it is important to remember that it does not mean that you add extra parsley and garlic to your pasta. The use of herbs for infertility treatment is a science just as any medicinal treatment is and should be respected as such.

The main thing that herbs do to help infertility is to regulate the hormones in the woman. Since this has a direct effect on ovulation, which has a direct effect on fertility, it can be the key to solving a couple’s infertility problem, as long as the woman is the one with the physical abnormality responsible for infertility.

Male herbs for infertility treatment are generally more concerned with libido and some try to improve prostate health. In general though, herbal fertility treatments are geared toward women.

Choosing Herbs that Help

There are many over the counter herbs for infertility that are packaged as tablets. This can make it much easier to take them and saves you from having to procure and measure the individual herbs while making sure you have the most effective part of the plant. You will notice many common ingredients in these prepackaged herbs including: Saw Palmetto, Licorice, Chastetree Berry, Dong Quai, Wild Yam, and many more.

Before you decide to take any of the treatments, it is important that you bring them to your primary care physician who can ensure there is no danger in your taking the treatment. Some herbs are very powerful and can interfere with the actions of your prescribed medications. They can also cause skin and physical irritations, so be sure to check with your primary care physician before you begin taking them.

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