Herbal mole removal

A mole is an abnormal collection of skin cells. Most moles are benign and not cancerous but some moles can become cancerous. Some children are born with moles. These are called congenital moles. Moles vary is size. Some are very large and can cover a large part of the body. Others can be very tiny. Moles can vary in color. Some are black while others can range from reds to browns or tan. Most congenital moles are dark brown.

Some people find their moles unsightly and unattractive and would like to have them removed. Jewelry and clothing can become caught on a mole which can cause it to bleed or itch. The most common way for a doctor to remove a mole was to cut the mole out at the base and then stitch the area closed with sutures. This procedure can be done on an outpatient basis at the doctor’s office. Many times scars will be left in its place when a mole is cut out. Nowadays moles are mostly removed by doctors with a laser light that has been adapted for dermatology usages. Laser mole removal is very expensive. As a result, many people are turning to herbal mole removal methods to rid themselves of unsightly moles. Dermatologists are even suggesting herbal mole removal as the better way to go for a lot of people.

Most herbal mole removal products are all natural and have ‘bloodroot’ included in the list of their ingredients. Some home herbal mole removal techniques use herbal salves and poultices with such herbs as dandelion or crushed garlic cloves. Home herbal mole removal remedies are safe, effective and affordable. More and more people are using herbal mole removal techniques because it can be done in the privacy of your home and is the least expensive way to have a mole removed and it works.

Bloodroot is the herb that is normally used to remove moles. It has been used by the Native American Indians for a long time to remove moles and for other skin conditions like skin tags, etc. It has recently been used as a natural ingredient in commercial products that can remove moles as well as skin tags. This herb should be used with caution as it will also remove other living tissue. Bloodroot should only be used externally. It his highly toxic and should not be ingested.

There are commercial herbal pastes containing bloodroot that one can use to remove a mole. These herbal mole removal pastes are extremely concentrated so that the mole will be gone within a matter of days. These pastes work by burning the mole off. It will dry up the mole so that it will shrivel up and fall off in a matter of days. Dermatrend is one popular commercial brand that people are using to remove moles.

There are also herbal creams that are available to remove moles. The creams work the same way as the pastes. The creams will take a little longer to remove the mole however. You should always discontinue using the creams if there is an excessive amount of skin irritation in the location that you are using the cream on.

You can purchase bloodroot pastes and salves online. These products usually have the herb chapparal in them as well. Some can contain zinc oxide which will cause scabbing of the skin. If you are ordering online make sure you are getting it from a company with a website that has testimonials from others who have used it to remove moles. When you use these herbal mole removal pastes you should use a toothpick to apply the paste only to the mole. Then apply a band-aid over the mole and leave it in place for a few days. The bloodroot will dry up the mole. Some people feel a slight amount of pain as the bloodroot paste works to shrivel up and remove the mole.

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