Herbal cigarette

An herbal cigarette is a tobacco and nicotine-free alternative to traditional smoking. They are becoming very popular particularly by those who want to stop smoking. Herbal cigarettes contain herbal as well as organic and natural ingredients instead of nicotine and traditional tobacco. They are a bit safer than traditional cigarettes and cause minimal health damage as opposed to tobacco. There are researchers who claim that these are not the best alternative to smoking and do contain some ingredients that are not considered safe although they have grown in popularity over the past few years.

Herbal cigarettes contain none of the properties or chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. They contain various types of herbs and more natural ingredients such as rose petals, passion flowers, corn silk, red clover and others. You can purchase these cigarettes in a variety of flavors as well. They come in flavors like mint, cinnamon and lemon grass. They typically contain no psychoactive ingredients although a few brands do often add a milk psychoactive ingredient. It is important that you check the ingredients list when you purchase herbal cigarettes to ensure what ingredients are included. They do often include certain ingredients that are aimed at helping with the overall taste. Many add ginseng, jasmine, vanilla and even menthol for those who smoke traditional menthol cigarettes and enjoy the fresher taste.

An herbal cigarette is made by first making powder of the herbal ingredients and then mixing this powder with clarified butter. The mixture is stuffed into the cigarette paper and a filter tip is typically attached. Herbal cigarettes can be purchased in either packets or boxes depending on your preference as well as the manufacturer.

Although some argue that they are not as safe as manufacturers claim them to be, herbal cigarettes do offer a much healthier alternative to tobacco and nicotine based cigarettes. They offer an excellent alternative to nicotine for those who are trying to quit smoking and many of the herbs used in their manufacture are proven to be effective in combating many diseases and promoting overall good health. Many of the herbs used also help to improve the digestive system and help to prevent certain digestive disorders. Unlike nicotine, herbs do not have adverse effects on physical and/or mental health. The herbs used to create herbal cigarettes have a more calming and relaxing effect and can be very helpful to those who experience frequent anxiety attacks or bouts of depression.

The actual safety of herbal cigarettes has been the spark of major discussion. Many researchers stand by their beliefs that any type of smoke is dangerous when inhaled. Although they do not contain nicotine or tobacco, herbal cigarettes can produce certain harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and tar when inhaled and these substances have been proven to have adverse effects on the health. Tar has been linked to causing certain lung cancers and bronchitis and high levels of carbon monoxide can potentially lead to poisoning. Regardless, many believe that the herbs in these cigarettes are much safer than their tobacco and nicotine counterparts.

Herbal cigarettes can be purchased under many different brands. Currently the most popular is known as the Ecstasy herbal cigarettes and five different types are offered under this name including Menthol, Regular and Mild. Other brand names include Smokin Joe’s Herbal Gold, Herbal Gold and Nirdosh. Giving up smoking completely would be the ideal solution to many health problems but for those who crave the feel of a cigarette in their hand, herbal cigarettes offer a much safer solution to traditional smoking. Of course, if you are unsure of any of the herbs used in manufacturing herbal cigarettes, it may be best to check with your doctor to determine if this would be a safer alternative for you.

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