Hemp protein

When you think of hemp, it is probable that one of two scenarios come to mind. The first and most immediate thought is probably of that cannabis plant that hemp is made out of and which people like to smoke. The second thought most likely involves hippies wearing clothing made out of hemp and selling necklaces and bracelets made out of this versatile substance. What you probably do not think of though, when someone mentions hemp, is hemp protein.

Believe it or not hemp is an amazing resource for those looking for a protein boost. This protein in hemp protein is the same as what you already have in the human body—a chain of 20 amino acids each with its own strength and job to perform. Interestingly, the cannabis used to harvest hemp protein is free of the THC that makes cannabis smokers enter an altered state. That means it is perfectly legal and will not have an effect on your mental faculties.

This information is extremely important if you are a body builder. As a body builder, you sometimes need additional sources of protein to help build and repair your muscle tissue. Hemp protein can give you that in the form of an over the counter hemp protein seed or protein powder. If you want to add the protein to your foods so that you can ingest even more of it, you can use hemp protein oil on your foods.

In addition to scoring added protein along with eight essential amino acids that your body does not produce on its own, you also benefit from the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids within hemp protein. Not only are these essential fatty acids good for increasing your energy, but they are also important to your heart health. They improve your circulation and also help to keep you feeling fuller longer so you don’t eat as much.

While many vitamin, body building and weight loss supplement manufacturers are busy creating their own line of hemp filled products, the verdict is still out about the real help it offers bodybuilders. Clinical trials have taken place in Finland at the University of Kuopio but so far they have only proven hemp protein’s health effects in treating certain skin disorders. Hemp protein, found in hemp and hemp seeds, can also have other significant benefits. It is high in fiber which can help lower your cholesterol and remove toxins from your colon, and it also contains certain enzymes that are responsible for breaking down and rebuilding proteins—again, very beneficial for bodybuilders.

If you are considering the addition of hemp protein in your diet, don’t be surprised if the products you buy with this ingredient are mostly from Canada. The United States has few farms that grow the THC free cannabis necessary for hemp because of the stigma associated with all forms of cannabis. As people become more educated about the differences between the kind of cannabis that is smoked and the kind that is not, this may change. For now, Canada is a great provider of hemp protein.

Be sure to discuss any plans to add supplements to your diet or routine with your primary care physician. He or she can help you figure out whether or not it is safe for you to take the supplement considering any current medical problems you have or medications you take. Sometimes even herbal supplements can negatively impact your treatment measures for other disorders. Let him or her know what brand of hemp protein you plan to take and, of possible, bring in the container so he or she can analyze the ingredients and make sure there are no damaging additives.

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