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There is a lot of consideration in the affirmative when broaching the subject of height supplements. It is the dream of many to be endowed with a trait that puts you at least a few inches above the rest. Well what if you weren’t born with a particularly fantastic height gene, but there was a way to artificially make your gene “larger than life”? Your “natural” life, that is. There has indeed been research done on a supplement that can do just that. Human Growth Hormone, or hGH, is the sole factor in determining one’s height and growing capacity.

Function of Human Growth Hormone (hGH)

Human Growth Hormone is no more than the name implies. It is a hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland; once secreted, it stimulates cell production and growth in humans by acting on other growth factors (hormones and chemicals) in the body. As with most hormone secretions and bodily functions, the rate of secretion decreases with age. Young adolescents can secrete up to 700 micrograms per day; adults secrete only about 400 micrograms per day. Other factors—exercise, diet, age, sex, stress, and other hormones—affect the amount of secretion as well. Because it is the basis of spurring cell growth, hGH is anabolic in nature. Its primary mode of function is to interact with specific receptors on the surface of cells. It directly stimulates the growth and multiplication of cartilage and other tissues that promote bone growth. This role in human growth makes it an ideal treatment for being what one might think is “too short.”

When hGH Should be Considered as a Supplement
Childhood is the major time for growing bodies; that’s why the body releases hGH in such high concentrations in the younger years. Once you’ve filled out, the hGH secretions come fewer and farther between. For this reason, people may opt to take a supplement. Sometimes the height that you stopped at may not be ideal or what you originally hoped for. Another reason for taking hGH is if, during these adolescent and pubertal years, you don’t grow up to your full potential, height-wise.

With Growing Limbs…

Comes the need for more support. It’s one thing for cells to grow and multiply rapidly, leading to an increase in height, but it’s important to remember that taking hGH alone is probably not an efficient way of doing this. The growing cells need support from bone, cartilage, and tissues. This leaves the interested reader with one of two options. First and foremost, try to buy a brand of hGH supplement that contains herbs, vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients. If this cannot happen, look for additional supplements you can add to your diet. Calcium and vitamin D are needed to keep bones strong; Glucosamine might be a good supplement for joints and cartilage repair. The latter, Glucosamine, combined with Chondroitin is a perfect combination for stability of cartilage. Another, simpler approach, is to take a multi-vitamin to ensure your body is getting what it needs every day for health bones, tissues, and cells.

Types of hGH

You may have the opportunity to receive an hGH injection; this all depends on both the preferences of you and your doctor. However, there are many over-the-counter supplements that can just as easily, if not more so, be bought by an individual. These include brands such as Secratatropin HGH, Lifessence HGH+, UltraMAX HGH, GHR 1000, GenF20+, and Somatosome HGH. Of course there are many more options, and most people have differing opinions on which one is the better supplement. The best advice is to consult with your physician, a nutritionist, or a dietitan for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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