Heart rate monitor watches

Heart rate monitors are used to measure the heart rate of an individual. These monitors are mainly used by athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to keep track of things such as how much they raise their heart rate when they are exercising. A lot of people who work out feel that they are not able to get maximum benefit from their cardio workout unless their heart rate reaches a target range. Others want to know exactly how many calories they are burning during a workout. These monitors can provide all that information and more.

The basic models are equipped to measure the heart or pulse rate. Most models are able to give the wearer the ability to create parameters or settings they would like their heart rate to stay within during their exercise session. The monitor will alarm if the heart rate falls outside the settings provided. Other features that are offered with these monitors include the ability to find out how many calories that have been burned during the exercise session. Others can be very elaborate and give much more information. Most of these monitors work by having a strap that goes over the chest to measure the heart rate or beats per minute. It then transmit’s the information to a device that is worn on the wrist. This unit looks like a wristwatch. The readout on the wristwatch gives the wearer the information that has been gleaned from the chest strap unit. These heart rate monitor watches are battery operated. Some of the units have batteries that can be changed by the wearer while others have to be replaced by the factory or a professional.

The basic heart rate monitor watches cost around $35 and measures heart rate only. Most of these do give the wearer the ability to set parameters for the heart rate during workouts. If the heart rate goes above or falls below the set parameters during the workout session, an alarm will alert the wearer. One of these units is the Omron HR-100C. The Omron HR-100C received good reviews from previous purchasers as a very basic model of heart rate monitor watch. The only drawback that could be found on this unit was the fact that the transmission from the chest strap to the wrist unit is not coded so interference from outside forces could cause issues or errors in the monitoring and readout at times. In addition to helping those who exercise being able to find their target heart rate, this unit could be beneficial for cardiac patients who need to monitor their heart rate continuously or after prescribed medication is consumed.

For those people who want or need more information while working out, monitors that are more elaborate are available. Timex has a model called The Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor T5G971 that costs around $60. This heart rate monitor gives the wearer the ability to monitor the heart rate and see how many calories they have burned. This model received good reviews on the internet from most of the customers who had previously purchased this model. The reviews stated that the large display was easy to read. The batteries in this model can be changed by the user which is a plus. The only drawback that could be found was the fact that the chest strap may not be big enough for large individuals. There were some complaints from large men who had tried to use the unit concerning this.

The Polar F6 is the next step up in heart rate monitor watches. This unit costs approximately $100 and has features that include both measurement of the heart rate and calorie counting. It also gives audible and visual alarms when the heart rate either goes above or below the set parameters. This unit will also determine what levels or rates that the heart should be at during certain times in the workout such as warm ups, aerobic, or cardiovascular exercise. It then gives the wearer their targeted goals in addition to the other information. This unit is water resistant, offers the wearer the ability to change the batteries, has a large display and is backlit so that the display is easily seen, even at night. This unit does offer the wearer the option of being able to purchase different sized chest straps. There are three sizes of chest straps that can be purchased depending on the size of the person who will be using the unit.

So what should you look for when shopping for a heart monitor? What are some things that you need to consider before purchasing one of these units for yourself or as a gift? The first consideration should be what features are needed or desired on the heart monitor watch. Second, what size chest strap is needed for the person that is going to wear the monitor? Make sure that the monitor has a chest strap that will fit them. Third, the display on the wrist unit should be large and easy to read. This is very important for people who are older or have any kind of visual problems. Will the monitor be worn at night or in areas where the lighting may be bad? If so you should consider getting a display that is backlit. Read reviews from previous customers on the monitors that are available to see which monitor might fit your needs.

Pay careful attention what the reviewers say about how difficult it was to set up and use the monitors initially. If you are not technically savvy, then having a unit that is easy to set up with clear instructions may be very important to you. Once you have found the top two or three units then do comparison pricing to get the best price possible.

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