Heart disease in women

Women are just as likely to be diagnosed with a heart disease as men are so it is important to always be aware of possible heart conditions that could occur. Heart disease in women is not all that uncommon and it is actually the most common cause of death for all women over 65.

Statistically speaking, heart disease in women is four to six times more likely to be the cause of death than breast cancer is. Not only that, but heart disease in women leads to more death in women over 65 than all forms of cancer put together. So, it should not be hard to see that women are very much at risk of heart diseases and it is important to be aware of the various conditions, symptoms, and treatment options.

The main difference between genders is that women are more likely to have heart complications at an older age then men. Women generally develop heart problems roughly eight years later than men do on average.

Although, women at 65 are at the same risk of developing a heart disease as men are. In the last few decades the a rate of heart attacks for 35-54 year old women has been going up quite a bit. Basically, what this means is that heart disease in women is not something that you should be aware of later in your life but you should be educated about it right now as you are at risk of health problems already.

Heart Disease Symptoms
Since it has already been stressed enough that you should be informed about the possibility of heart disease in women, lets cover the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. The most common symptoms of a heart attack for women are very much similar to those for men. However, it is possible for women to have a heart attack without prior pains in the chest.

The more common symptoms of a possible heart disease in women include feeling nauseous, dizzy, sweating, extremely tired, out of breath, and having upper back, jaw, and neck pains. Besides These common symptoms there are still some other signs of a possible heart disease in women such as the more obvious, which would be chest pains.

Heart Disease Diagnosis
In order to make a proper diagnosis you would need to determine if any of the signs or symptoms of a heart disease match your condition. There are many different types of heart diseases so basically if some of the symptoms listed here are those that you live with then you should look at various heart conditions separately. Run through the list of symptoms for each condition one by one to see which you may have.

Even though you might be able to get a good idea of what type of condition you have by just comparing the symptoms, you will need to visit your doctor for the correct diagnosis. If you end up having a heart attack the chance of surviving it is much lower than it is for men so preventing it is essential.

It seems that most women are not able to notice the signs of a possible heart issue soon enough.It is mostly a matter of knowing what to watch out for and taking care of any health issue immediately if one occurs. There are also various ways to go about preventing or lowering the risk of a heart attack or any heart disease from occurring. You may want to read up on ways you can go about making minor changes in your lifestyle in order to help keep your heart in a healthy condition, and do not forget that heart disease in women is more common than you might think.

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