Hearing amplifier

A hearing amplifier is a hearing gadget that can help people who are hearing impaired, hard of hearing or suffer from a minimal to severe hearing loss. These hearing gadgets are useful for people who are not hearing poorly enough to need a hearing aid but not hearing good enough to hear clearly in a noisy situation, such as in a crowded restaurant.

A hearing amplifier uses what is called assistive technology to help people hear better. A quality hearing amplifier can amplify the sound so that you hear clearer. People find that a hearing amplifier can help them continue to perform their daily activities in a productive manner. No more missing out on important words when you are in conversations with someone at work. You will not miss out on what is being said on the daily news or your favorite television show when you wear one of these amplifiers. There are now various kinds of hearing amplifier devices that can assist with pretty much every type of hearing loss. These are small affordable devices that can greatly amplify sound. The various devices have different features that some may find more useful than others. A few hearing amplifier products that are on the market now are listed below.

The Stealth SSA Sound Amplifier is one such device that people like. It easily disguises itself as a blue tooth device for a cell phone. You can wear this hearing amplifier and people will think it is for your cell phone when you are out in public. People who find it embarrassing to admit they are hard of hearing will also appreciate the rechargeable battery, which can last up to 10 hours per charge. The Stealth SSA is comfortable to wear and can amplify the sound up to 50 times.

Sonic Super Ear Plus SE7500 Personal hearing amplifier is one that fits easily in a pocket or purse. This is a high-tech product which incorporates miniaturized circuit technology combined with multi-element electronic microphone and matched output headphone drivers. It is capable of picking up sounds as far as 100 yards away. It will increase sound up to 40 decibels or more. It is a great assistive hearing gadget for those who have trouble hearing television programs and personal conversations clearly. The person wearing the device can easily adjust it when needed. The device is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Walker’s Game Ear Digital Directional hearing amplifier allows the person wearing it to hear naturally. This is a great product for those who go out on nature walks or for hunting. This is a hearing amplifier that looks like hear muffs and are not good for use in buildings or for watching TV. It can amplify sounds up to 50 decibels. This amplifies the users hearing by up to 9 times the amount they could normally hear without the amplifier. When in a noisy environment with a lot of background noise, the device can decrease the excess noise by 29 decibels.

One exciting new hearing amplifier on the market is the Songbird Flexfit disposable hearing aid. It is digital and will give you clear sounds. It also fits discreetly behind the ear and is flesh colored. This hearing amplifier sells for an affordable $79 and will last 2 to 6 months or 400 hours. You can usually buy them in a 4 pack. There is no need to buy expensive batteries or worry about recharging them. You do not need to have a hearing test for this hearing aid and it can be ordered over the internet or telephone. Normal hearing aids cost around $6000, so you can see why the Songbird Flexfit is fast becoming popular.

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