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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is best known as a chemical that is naturally produced by pregnant women. An embryo will typically require access to their mother’s fat stores in order to develop and grow. HCG will allow the embryo to draw on these stores of fat whenever needed. However we are now aware that if you follow a specific food plan while taking a small dosage of HCG in the form of drops, this can have a dramatic effect on your weight. What HCG drops will do is instruct the hypothalamus to mobilise and then release the stores are fat that your body does not require. These calories will be with released into the bloodstream and are known to prevent hunger and will provide you with a feeling of satiety.

This is obviously a far different way from merely restricting calories in order to lose weight. Although low-calorie diets are well known as a quick way to lose weight, the majority of diets cannot be sustained and can also be unhealthy. Unfortunately once the body is deprived of essential calories that it requires to meet its daily needs it will merely take its energy from muscle tissue rather than fat. All this will do is reduce your body’s muscle mass and increase your body fat percentage. However when taking HCG drops, rather than your body consuming muscle mass to produce energy, it’s will simply burn excess fat.

HCG can actually be delivered into the body in several different ways. Many people choose to take daily injections however this six-week treatment will cost in the region of $700-$1500. You are also able to acquire a prescription HCG that comes in a nasal spray or transdermal gel. Both these options are however just as expensive. This is the reason why many people choose to focus on a homoeopathic treatment such as oral HCG drops. You will actually find that these drops are just as effective in helping you to achieve fast and long lasting weight loss. HCG drops are not known to produce any side effects and are definitely recommended to anyone who has struggled to lose weight in the past.

HCG, and the effect it has on weight loss, was first discovered by British endocrinologist, Dr A Simeons during the 1940s. Dr Simeons research was conducted over two decades and on thousands of patients. His findings were that HCG can affect and indeed instruct the hypothalamus, which we now know is able to regulate key functions within the body. He published his findings in the book entitled “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity”. However Dr Simeons professed that HCG alone would not produce any lasting results. In order to lose weight and keep it off you will need to follow certain protocols, such as tracking your weight, and following a very specific food plan.

The protocol required with HCG drops will initially require you to spend two days loading your body with fat. To put this more specifically you are looking to load the cells with fat which can prevent them from going into starvation mode once the amount of calories you consume are reduced. However you should start taking HCG drops from the first day of fat loading. Depending on your individual plan you should be following a very low-calorie diet from days 21 to 55. You should not be consuming any more than 500 calories on a daily basis. Although this does not sound like very much, you must remember that your cells will be releasing a large amount of calories from fat, directly into your bloodstream on a daily basis. Your body will actually believe it has all the food it would ever want or need. You may actually find on certain days you eat less than 500 calories and you will not even feel hungry.

The last three days of this protocol you will need to continue with your very low-calorie diet without taking any HCG drops. This will allow the HCG to leave your body, thus meaning you can then begin to consume an increased number of calories to maintain (Maintenance) your new body weight. The first stage of maintenance will last three weeks and will permanently reset your metabolism. During this period you should not consume any starch or sugar. Second stage of maintenance will also lost three weeks and this is where you can gradually reintroduce starches and sugars into your diet. Once you have completed the six weeks of maintenance you can start the protocol from the beginning once again. When you finally reached your goal weight, you can then start eating completely normally without having to worry about gaining weight. HCG drops are considered a natural substance, rather than a drug, that is a long-term solution to weight loss.

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