Hair moisturizers

Frizzy, dry, damaged hair is the symptom of uncared-for tresses. This is not something that a twenty first century woman should play quarry to. This is because she is one who has adequate control over everything in her life – including her hair. And trust any girl, maintaining the natural beauty of one’s hair is equivalent to the effort spent behind one full time job – for your hair has a mind of its own. Just when you suppose you want to don that slinky black dress for a sleek feline look, your hair decides to go against you and turns into a tangled mess. This happens because your hair is lacking the natural oil sebum that is secreted from the sebaceous glands prevalent in the hair follicles in the scalp.

For some others, washing one’s hair becomes distressing, when afterwards, the scalp seems to become greasier than ever, and dandruff lies in thick flakes. Many suppose that washing hair frequently can get rid of the extra sebum but that is definitely not the case. It is a proven fact that the more that hair is washed, more sebum is washed away, and thus, more sebum is secreted to counteract the deficiency. Healthy hair should not be washed too frequently, but washed just the right number of times, so as to restore the levels of sebum to the optimum levels. The normal rule is to wash hair no more than two or three times a week. This will also limit the amount of exposure to chemicals that your hair is receiving. Thus the natural moisture being retained will also preserve the shine.

Natural hair care will be the solution to all these problems since the frizz is caused by excessive dryness in the hair. Natural hair moisturizers like jojoba oil are known for restoring the shine and luster of hair, because of the chemical composition of the substance which is akin to that of sebum. Daily application of jojoba oil will help remove frizz. However for those with relatively less problems related to dryness, overnight applications might be a better option. Some of other varieties of oils are also known for their moisturizing properties. Such varieties include olive oil, which is a very strong moisturizer, oil of ylang-ylang , avocado oil, almond extracts, emu oil, shea butter, rosemary extracts and wheat germ oil. There are also many other oils prevalent, which are filtered from herbs and plants, utilized mostly because of the richness and variety of antioxidants and vitamins present, which are beneficial for scalp purposes. These include nettle oil, plantain oil and oil of burdock.

All of these oils, or either one, can be mixed with pure honey and massaged onto the scalp. Packs of egg yolk beaten into a frothy mixture could be applied as well as a hair tonic. The eleven nutrients prevalent in egg yolk in addition to vitamins A and D, result in moisturized shiny hair. However, warm water is recommended when washing off the egg yolk from the hair strands. Dry frizz can also be tackled with mayonnaise. Sometimes, the dryness and frizz can occur due to an imbalance in the pH of the hair. For situations such as this, slices of tomato, tomatoes ground into pastes, or squeezed into juices, could be applied to the roots of the hair. The vitamin C prevalent in tomatoes will restore the normal pH of the scalp. Bananas, coffee beans, as well as chamomile tea can be utilized to enhance the natural shine of the hair.

Hair damage can also occur due to a diet which does not contain adequate amounts of the nutrients needed. For this reason, a balanced diet is required, and plenty of physical exercise to enhance blood flow.

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