Guardian dental insurance

Guardian Dental Insurance is offered primarily through the Guardian Life Insurance Company. Guardian dental insurance is offered through many employers groups as well as in individual form. Group dental insurance options from Guardian help to reduce overall out of pocket expenses related to dental care and offer coverage for preventative as well as diagnostic services. Options from Guardian Dental Plans include Dental Preferred PPO, DentalGuard Basic, Location Based DHMO Prepaid Plans and Maximum Rollover.

Dental Preferred PPO is the primary insurance product from Guardian Dental Insurance. Consumers with this plan have the ability to choose their own preferred dentist. There is a large network of dental care providers that participate in the Guardian plan, however the insured has the option of choosing one of these dentists or choosing one of his or her own that is not part of the network. There is more coverage however for those opting to choose a dentist from Guardian’s provider network. Savings can be up to 30 percent less for those who use dentists included in the network. Guardian currently has more than 70,000 dentists and dental care providers who participate in their network of providers.

DentalGuard Basic is designed for those customers who have special needs with regards to dental care. Those who need a more affordable approach to dental insurance find this plan convenient. The plan itself offers less coverage than the Dental Preferred PPO plan however the premiums are much lower. Those who already have dental insurance and need a supplement or those who simply do not need a lot of dental coverage find that this plan works very well. You have the option of choosing your preferred coverage. In short, DentalGuard Basic is customizable to meet the individual needs of each policyholder.

DHMO and Location Based Prepaid plans are also available from Guardian Dental Insurance in specific areas. Plans like Managed Dental Care and Managed DentalGuard plans are available in certain states. These plans are currently available in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Texas.
Maximum Rollover helps those with Guardian dental plans to roll over any benefits that have remained unused for future use. All of the unused benefits of a policyholder are collected into on specific account. These benefits can then be used in the future should the insured exceed their specific maximum annual coverage amount. The plan is subject to qualification requirements however so it is important to pay strict attention to your annual claim limit in order to make this plan work for you.

Guardian dental insurance is a very commonly chosen way to offset the rising costs of dental care. The company provides many benefits for different coverage plans. Guardian currently has more than six million employees who enjoy group benefits from Guardian through an employer. The Guardian dental care network currently has more than 90,000 dentists and dental specialists from around the nation as well.

Choosing the Guardian dental insurance plan that is best for you will depend on several factors. Of course, the cost of premiums is something that you should consider. You need to choose a plan that you can easily afford as well as one that offers coverage for the services that you need most. When choosing a dental plan through any company, it is important that you compare the various plans that are available and choose the one or ones that offer the most benefit with regards to both cost and service. Also ensure that the plan you choose is available in your area. Many Guardian dental plans such as the location based prepaid plans are not currently available in every state.

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