Gripe water

Gripe water, also known as grippe tonic, is a medicine that is often used as a home remedy many health conditions. It is often used as a treatment method for infants and is especially useful for pain relief. For instance, gripe water is a very useful treatment for an upset stomach. It can relieve the pain and discomfort associated with that condition.

Gripe water is used for a number of reasons. However, it is mostly a pain reliever for infants. There are many situations where a baby is experiencing pain or discomfort and gripe water could be beneficial. An example of a good time to use gripe water for your baby would be during the teething stage of their life as the teething causes constant pain and discomfort for the baby.

History of Gripe Water
Gripe water dates back to the 1800’s where it was first used on some people with malaria as a way to relieve pain. It was not long before the product was further formulated and prepared to be used to treat a wide range of conditions. Various recipes have been created over the time that factor in other herbs and beneficial ingredients. Today, gripe water products are available in just about any pharmacy, retail department store, and health supplement store.

Baby Colic Treatment
Baby colic, which is abdominal pain in a baby, is the condition which is most frequently treated with gripe water. However, gripe water products are not only used to treat stomach or abdominal pain in a baby, but rather they can be used on adults as well. Obviously the product will not be nearly as potent on an adult but it is still effective at treating various stomach issues such as acid reflux and indigestion.

Gripe Water Recipes
Colic gripe water is very common but there are many different recipes of gripe water which can be used for different treatments. There are some common ingredients in gripe water products such as fennel and dill. However, there are some variables in the ingredients list. Alcohol is a less common ingredient in today’s recipes, but many herbs like chamomile are commonly found in gripe water nowadays.

How Gripe Water Is Used
Gripe water is first obtained as an over the counter medication. There are some countries which require a prescription for this type of medication but this varies. The medication comes in tincture form. The bottle will include an eye dropper which is used for administering a small amount of the medicine for either yourself or your baby.

If the gripe water is being used for your baby then you have a number of options. You could just use it when there are noticeable signs of pain or discomfort. For instance, administer the medication just during the teething stage. If an ear infection or similar painful condition develops then you could administer it as well. Alternatively, you could administer gripe water to your baby every day from birth until they are a few years old. This may not be optimal financially but it can help prevent serious pain which is often occurred as a result of indigestion, gas, and other less serious health conditions. Some parents also use the gripe water as a way to relax their baby and get them to sleep easier.

Gripe water is a home remedy which is used for a number of reasons. This is a product which any parent should have in their home if they have an infant of their own. It can also be beneficial to adults as well but there are likely more potent medicines to use for those scenarios. Ultimately, this is an item which should be purchased if you have an infant as it can come in handy, especially during the teething phase.

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