Green tea weight loss pills

Every week, we are faced with a barrage of information regarding the newest and best weight loss method or supplement. Lately, green tea has been at the top of the list. Commercials touting the ancient Japanese secrets of green tea and supplements promoting its healing qualities are a fact of life. While green tea’s positive effects on cancer cells has been proven, using green tea for weight loss has not yet been completely embraced by the medical community.

Studies conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have shown that large amounts of green tea, when taken before exercise, can increase the amount of calories burned during the exercise. According to the study, this is due to green tea’s ability to increase fat oxidation, which can also be called fat burning. The study did not state whether this was a result derived by some natural component of the green tea itself or if it was due to the fact that green tea contains caffeine. This is an important distinction because, if it is caffeine in general that can increase fat burning, then one would not need to use green tea to accomplish this result.

When considering green tea’s effect on weight loss, it is important to factor in the caffeine component of green tea. The caffeine in green tea can also help your weight loss by increasing your energy. With increased energy, you may find that you are able to fit in more workouts than you normally can. A walk to the store might not seem as daunting as usual, and taking the stairs rather than the elevator suddenly seems like a good idea. All these additional activities will create burned calories within your body. Since caffeine can dehydrate you, be sure to increase your water intake when you exercise.

Green tea pills may help with weight loss is by reducing you cravings and, as a result, your calorie consumption. Caffeine is a known appetite reducer, so from a scientific standpoint, green tea will reduce your hunger. But green tea also has a very different taste than other caffeinated products and contains no calories when prepared in its natural state. You can add any calorie-free sweetener to it in order to make it more palatable. The combination of hot tea with calorie free sweetness can lead to fewer snacks, and lattes.

Many products and advertisements claim that green tea weight loss pills increase metabolism which in turn helps burn more calories while you are resting and while you exercise. These ads and products state that this will increase your weight loss. In reality, any product that contains caffeine can speed up your metabolism- but only slightly. It is not likely that this small increase in your metabolism will have a significant impact on your weight loss efforts. Additionally, caffeine may be increasing your anxiety more than your metabolism which will not help in your weight loss efforts.

It’s been said before, and it’ll be said again. There is no one easy answer to the obesity epidemic. Green tea can certainly help in your battle with the bulge and its antioxidant properties make it a heavy weight in the fight against cancer. But when using green tea for weight loss, it is important not to forget the other elements a successful weight loss plan– diet and exercise. If you are considering the addition of green tea in your diet as a weight loss supplement, it is important that you consult your physician. Find out if there are any negative side effects or health problems that could result from use (or over-use) of green tea.

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  1. Michael Lander says:

    Interesting article and I agree that there is no simple solution for weight problems. I think I have tried every weight loss product or system there is and have always had trouble sticking to them. I guess most of them work if you can stay with it but I’ve eaten the same types of foods for so long (I’m 61) it’s hard to permanently change. I found a website that allows me to eat the same food I always did (in moderation) and I’m now down about 17 pounds and still going. At this point for me this seems to be an answer.

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