Glycolic face wash

In our quest to stay young it seems we will try anything. From herbs promising skin’s renewal to moisturizers with collagen and elastin, to peach pit exfoliant, there is no limit to the ingredients we will apply in our mad quest for facial perfection. But there must be somewhere we would draw the line, right? In our search for baby smooth, wrinkle free skin we would never try something like acid, would we?

The answer to that is actually, yes, yes we would and you probably already have put acid on your face if you have used glycolic face wash. Glycolic face wash is made from a relatively gentle citric based acid called glycolic acid. Used in a highly concentrated form it can be extremely strong but when a small amount is mixed with other ingredients, it is perfectly safe for use on your face and body.

Glycolic face wash works much like an exfoliant in that it clears off your dead skin and reaches deep to clean out your pores. Glycolic face wash is usually combined with moisturizers so that it is not too harsh for your face. Because it takes off your dead skin, it can reduce your fine lines and it leaves you with a glowing, healthy complexion.

Glycolic acid is also used in a stronger format within salons and spas when they do chemical peels. These peels peel off more of the top layer of skin than a home glycolic face wash will. This can leave you red for a number of days and very sensitive to sun exposure. Even a home glycolic face wash with just a 10% glycolic acid concentration level can leave you sensitive to the sun so if you use one, be sure to wear a hat, sunscreen and large sunglasses.

If you have yet to try glycolic face wash, you may want to try it in a small patch on your face before you try it on your whole face. That way, if you have any sensitivity toward it you will know on a very small scale rather than by risking your entire face. If you already have other skin sensitivities or if you have a skin disorder like eczema or rosacea, then you should consult a dermatologist before using glycolic face wash.

There are some chemical peel kits containing glycolic acid that have been created for home use. If these kits are used improperly they can permanently damage the skin and cause scarring. It is always best to use only very low concentrated glycolic face wash at home and save the chemical peels for the licensed and trained practitioners.

If you use glycolic face wash and feel your face burning or itching, you may want to stop rubbing it into your skin and remove it with cool water and a clean, soft cloth. Remember, it is better to avoid an accident with the glycolic face wash than it is to continue trying to wash your face through the pain.

Once you have used glycolic face wash properly, you will notice a fresher complexion, fewer lines and wrinkles, and skin that is soft and smooth to the touch. Your formerly dull complexion and clogged pores will be a thing of the past and you may even look a few years younger. Using this product once per week or month, depending on the oiliness and needs of your skin, can make a world of difference in how you age. In order to avoid more damage than good, be sure to always wear sunscreen for a few days after using your glycolic face wash.

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