Glandular therapy

Glandular therapy is a form of traditional therapy involving the use of desiccated animal glandular extracts to help improve normal glandular functions in humans. It was first introduced as a therapy in 1912 and was called ‘live cell therapy:” This kind of glandular therapy used to use chopped and dissolved animal glands that were mixed in a saline solution. The solution was then injected into the patient. Sometimes the animal glands were implanted into the patient. Many health benefits can be derived from glandular therapy. Since the 1940s glandular extracts have been taken orally in tablet or pill form.

Glandular therapy can help to regulate sexual development, growth rate, metabolism and immune systems and help to rejuvenate the glands, tissues and organs. Glandular therapy is most useful to help improve the endocrine system. Whenever one of the glands in the human body is not producing enough of a particular hormone, glandular extracts can be taken to help that gland to begin functioning properly again. For instance, if the thyroid gland is not producing enough of the thyroid hormone, glandular therapy can be prescribed to help correct it. Animal glandular tissue can help supply the nutrients that human glands need. They are full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polypeptides, enzymes fatty acids, etc. These nutrients are taken up and used by the gland that is being treated. Many in the alternative and traditional medical field believe that glandular extracts help to give a complete nutritional balance that the human body needs. The therapy also lacks the side effects caused by some of the pharmaceutical drugs that are being used today to treat glandular disorders and diseases.

Glandular therapy helps the cells in the glands and organs to repair or be replaced with healthy cells. The therapy gives the body the raw material it needs to help repair the glands, organs and tissues that have become weakened or diseased. Glandular therapy is useful to treat any gland in the body. It can also be used to treat organ disorders as well. Some of the glandular therapies being used today are:

Adrenal fatigue is a common disorder that many experience. These glands are affected by stress and can become fatigued. The adrenal glands help to regulate blood sugars, cortisol levels, and electrolyte balance. Taking adrenal glandular supplements can help to alleviate overworked adrenal glands and help support these glands back to health.

This gland regulates your metabolism. A sluggish thyroid can lead to hypothyroidism. Adrenal gland therapy helps the cells to eliminate waste and speed up the metabolism. This in turns helps to bring the body weight to normal levels and maintains energy levels in the cells.

The thymus gland helps keep the immune system working up to par. When calf thymus is taken it can help to restore the immune system. When calf thymus glandular therapy is given the patient’s T-helper cell to suppressor cell ratio will normalize. These ratios are important in cases of cancer, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. Thymus glandular therapy also helps to relieve chronic viral infections as well.

The liver is a very important organ that helps to filter out toxins in the body and other important functions. It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Liver glandular therapy provides specific nutrients for the liver that helps to enhance the detoxification process. These extracts can also help regenerate new liver tissue.


Glandular therapy for the spleen is helpful after a splenectomy. When the spleen is removed it is important to take pharmaceutical grade bovine spleen extracts. Whenever there is a low white blood cell count or a bacterial infection in the body bovine spleen therapy is warranted.

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