Foods that increase metabolism

Our metabolism rate is the rate that the body burns up food and calories that it takes in. The body which is heavy in muscle and low in fat burns many more calories in a much faster rate than a body that is high in fat and low in muscle tissue. One pound of muscle mass burns 50 calories in a days time while one pound of fatty tissue only burns 2 calories during the day.

Some people naturally have a much higher metabolic rate than others. Genetics do play a key factor here in this. When we are young our metabolism is much faster as our bodies are growing and changing. As we age our metabolic rates slow down. We must find ways to keep our metabolism at a rate that keeps our weight and our body healthy no matter our natural metabolic rate or age.

There are many things that anyone can do in order to boost the metabolism. The first thing is to not eat large heavy meals. A person should consume 5-6 small meals a day to keep the digestive tract working all during the day and the metabolic rate at a high rate of speed. There are certain foods that can be eaten that can help to boost the metabolic rate as well.

Some of the best foods that help boost the metabolism are those foods that are high in fiber content. These foods include fruits such as grapefruit and apples. The old adage an apple a day keeps the doctor away is very true in more ways than one! The grapefruit helps to reduce the insulin levels in the body. Insulin levels that are high increase the fatty stores in the body. Grapefruit is high in fiber as well which increases the metabolism while it is being digested. Apples are full of fiber and vitamins that the body needs as well.

Green tea is another substance that can be added to the diet that can increase the metabolic rate. Green tea has EGCG in its composition. This substance helps to increase the body and the rate that the nervous system functions. It in turn increases the metabolism. Caffeine is another chemical that can be used to increase the metabolism on a daily basis. The caffeine in limited amounts is not detrimental for the body and helps it speed up its natural rhythm.

Yogurt is another food that can help the body increase its metabolic rate. Yogurt has many other good qualities such as the pro-biotic cultures that help to regulate the digestive tract. Broccoli has been called one of the super foods as it has so many good nutrients for the body. It in addition to all the vitamins and minerals it is packed with, it helps increase metabolism due to the fact is high in fiber. It also is packed with calcium. Calcium helps maintain the metabolic rate.

Whole grains such as wheat and oats are excellent foods to add to the daily diet to increase the metabolism. They are high in fiber and have vitamins and minerals that help the body to function at peak levels as well. Oatmeal has been found to help to reduce cholesterol levels if it is eaten on a regular basis as well.

Other things that can be done to speed up the metabolism are to exercise on a regular basis. Walking for up to 15 minutes at a time three days per week can help increase the metabolism and help the body to increase its muscle mass. This in turn helps the body burn even more fat and calories! Drinking adequate amounts of water to help the body process foods is another thing that can be done to help increase metabolic rates.

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