Food poisoning remedies

Food poisoning is a closet sickness, which never reveals itself when one sees or tastes the delicious-looking food. It comes about only a few hours or days later after the infected and unhygienic food decides to induce its sickly effects in the form of vomiting, headaches, gastric pain, diarrhea etc. People with weak immune systems like the elderly and children are prone to severe problems if the case is diagnosed as serious food poisoning known as salmonella, E. coli and botulism, which is why it is of utmost importance to medicate the indications of food poisoning since their very onset. There are ways to combat symptoms of food poisoning, some of which are stated below:

Victims of food poisoning have a hard time coping with the symptoms itself rather the main sickness. For instance, vomiting episodes get very hard to handle. In order to control the vomiting, one should consume a lot of fluids, e.g. coconut water, sports drinks, boiled water, in order to replenish the body fluids and natural electrolytes that have been lost. Cold substances such as popsicles and juices also help re-hydrate patients within meal times. Vomiting can also be diminished by clinical medicines that are used for throat and esophagus relief. Antacid tablets are less effective in providing relief from vomiting as they can slow down the recovery time needed for the stomach.

Waves of nausea can be combated by clearing the patient’s diet of refined foods and by consuming organic fluids and light liquids such as soup. Saltine crackers and crisp bread slices are also known to bring relief from nausea. Adjust room temperatures for the utmost comfort, as extreme temperatures may bring back waves of nausea. Decrease the amount of stress, such as work hours and visit personal friends and family as stress accounts for worsening of nausea.

Another home treatment for food poisoning is absolute bed rest. Most incidences of food poisoning are triggered by the entry of millions of viruses and bacteria into the body immediately after the body consumes the impure food. In order to combat this, the immune system operates its defense mechanisms to position antibodies in order to fight back the incursion of parasites and germs. However, this cannot be achieved overnight or within a few minutes, so the patients need to cut down their level of physical activities and allow the immune system to perform its actions of healing the body on its own. Consult a doctor and tell him/her about your food poisoning situation and he/she will tell you what medications to undertake whilst being in bed for the next few days.

One of the main symptoms of food poisoning includes chronic duration of diarrhea and inflation. The infectious parasites and bacteria often attack the victim’s digestive tract and causes disruption in its normal functions which leads to overall bad digestion as from the other side, the body’s fluid stocks and immune system tries to counter the invading attack from the bacteria. The best thing to do is to stay medicated on prescribed drugs and stay hydrated as much as possible.

Food poisoning is often mistaken for other underlying reasons such as appendicitis related pains – with the excruciating nature and the pattern of the pain indicate food poisoning, and oftentimes the patients are given initial treatments with the likes of pain killers, and vomit preventing meds. In extreme cases of persisting pain, patients are required to be admitted in the hospital, and diagnosed via ultra-sound or X-rays to have a deeper look in the abdominal region to locate the issues at hand precisely.

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