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If your doctor is telling you that your recent blood tests show that you have elevated cholesterol levels, you can lower your cholesterol levels with fish oil capsules. Your doctor may suggest that you take Statins to lower your cholesterol levels and you should carefully discuss your option of taking fish oil capsules along with other medications your physician may prescribe for you.

Recent publicized studies show that taking fish oil capsules daily will help produce good heart health. Studies also indicate that taking fish oil capsules daily will lower triglyceride levels in blood, particularly in women. Taking fish oil capsules is a primary a way provide a good source of a major three fatty acids in your diet. Omega-3 fatty acid is essential oils that you need to maintain good heart health. You can normally get these three fatty acids from eating fish. However not everybody likes the taste of fish and will not eat fish as much as three times a week as they should. In the past people took fish oil by the spoonful and some people still do. However now you can take fish oil capsules and it is much easier to take this way. Fish oil capsules are the easy way to make sure you get the omega-3 oils so you can get the same benefits.

Studies about fish oil capsules show that these capsules can give you essential oils needed that can prevent cancer as well as improve heart health. Taking fish oil capsules can also improve your memory and help with irritable bowel syndrome and asthma symptoms. However you should not depend on getting the same benefits from cheap drugstore brands of fish oil capsules as you can by taking high quality fish oil capsules. You should look for high grade fish oil supplements in capsule form that are sold in therapeutic doses to get the most benefit from this supplement.

The best fish oil supplements are made from cold water ocean fish. Look for ones that are sold in the purest form and that:

  • are only made from one species of fish, avoid fish oil capsules that are made from mixed species, preferably a fatty fish like salmon, herring or mackerel
  • also include any oxidant ingredients and the bottle should state that fish oil capsules will protect from free radicals
  • are high in EPA and DHA, two of the most essential omega-3 fatty acids
  • are not manufactured with excessive heat
  • are purified of all contaminants and toxins such as mercury

Xtend-Life‘s Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil is one of the the purest, and thus the safest omega-3 fish oil available on the market as far as we know. By checking their Certificate of Analysis, you can see the freshness, the anti-inflammatory qualities, DHA content, purity and effectiveness of their product are unbeatable. Their Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil is a 50/50 blend of natural hoki oil (from fish located in a pristine area of the Southern Ocean off New Zealand) in its natural triglyceride form and a concentrated molecularly distilled South Pacific tuna oil in an ethyl ester form. Both are exceptionally pure and easily absorbed by the body. Each soft gel of Xtend-Life’s fish oil contains up to 500mgs of three omega-3 fatty acids which are DHA, EPA and DPA, plus Omega 6, Omega 9, and natural mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract.

Heart patient should consult with their doctor before they start taking fish oil capsules. Taking fish oil capsules with other types of heart medications can result in making your blood to thin, especially if your doctor has you on blood thinners. This is because fish oil has a tendency to thin the blood on its own. Blood test can detect how much EPA and DHA you have in your blood. If you are deficient in these essential fatty acids, one thing you can do is to take fish oil capsules to supplement what you are not getting from your food.

Depression and Attention Deficit Disorder have been successfully treated with fish oil capsules. The DHA and EPA omega-3 oils and these capsules are known to benefit brain functioning as well. In fact most brain matter is composed of omega-3 fatty acids. The body does not make its own essential fatty acids so it is best to replenish these essential oils by taking fish oil capsules if you are not eating fish regularly. Fish oil capsules are the easiest way to take this supplement.

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  1. Lisa Morgan says:

    This is a great health information! Omega 3 is really good for the heart as well as to avoid cardiovascular diseases. Fish’s oil are great source of Omega 3 and probably a lot of products are well recommended as a health supplement which may include to your diet. Some people try krill oil instead of fish oil because it has a lot of good benefits like Omega 3 but more powerful than fish’s oil. Somehow consumers must be aware to those kind of fish oil’s supplement because other products were contaminated with PCB which is not a good thing for children.

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