Fertility monitors

Most women start their adult life off by trying to avoid getting pregnant. Condoms or birth control pills are usually used to minimize the possibility of becoming pregnant. A few years down the road it may become the exact opposite. When you get older, you may feel the need to start up a family. If this happens you may end up running into a fertility problem.

To maximize your chances of becoming pregnant you would want to do just about anything. Investing in a fertility monitor would be one of the possible actions you could take to increase the possibility of getting pregnant.

Benefits of a Fertility Monitor
Fertility monitors are extremely beneficial when trying to conceive. A fertility monitor works by notifying you whenever your body is in the best possible state for conceiving. There are a few peak days each month that you are more likely to conceive than usual. If you are attempting to get pregnant then you would want to have intercourse during this time period. This will increase the chance of conceiving by roughly 25%.

A fertility monitor does not just notify you of your peak days. You will actually be able to find out when you are at the highest fertility level during the month. This is a stretch of anywhere between one and five days every month. This period occurs prior to the peak days and is the absolute best time to try to conceive. You can increase your chance of conceiving by even more than 25% if you have intercourse during this time frame.

How They Work
Fertility monitors usually use test sticks to determine when your high fertilization period and peak days will occur. You will be required to submerge the test stick into a urine sample after waking up in the morning. This must be done first thing in the morning as this is when your urine has the highest and strongest concentration.

You will be watching for an LH surge. Once this shows on the test stick (as positive) you will know that you are almost at your peak time to conceive. You are most fertile between 12 and 36 hours of the LH surge being detected. If you are attempting to conceive then this is the period where intercourse should be performed as much as possible. You will increase your chance of conceiving drastically by doing so.

Reading Results
Once the test stick has received enough urine you will want to put the stick in the test kit window. This is where the results will read out. The results are displayed in bars with one being the lowest fertility and three being peak fertility. To increase the chance of conceiving as much as possible you should make sure to have intercourse while there are two or three bars showing. Two bars means that you are highly fertile but it is not the peak.

Other Features
Besides finding out when you are most fertile you can also find out more information with a fertility monitor. You can find out how far into your cycle you are and when you should expect your next period. If you have already past the expected date of your next period then the monitor will notify you to take a pregnancy test to see if you have successfully conceived.

There is no guarantee that you will get pregnant if you use a fertility monitor. This device can simply be used to increase the chance of conceiving. If you do purchase a fertility monitor you will want to read the instructions closely to know exactly how, and when, to use it. There are multiple uses for the fertility monitor so it can be a very convenient device.

To conclude, a fertility monitor is not an essential investment as you are highly fertile for five to six days each month. However, it can help you increase the chance of getting pregnant as you are able to try to conceive on the most fertile days of the month.

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