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Fertility monitors are designed to help couples know what the best times of their cycle would be to conceive a pregnancy. These monitors help people who have been trying to conceive previously but have been unable to do so. The monitors help to narrow down the few days of the month that are optimum for conception.

In conception, the female body releases an egg or ovum once a month. The ovum then has a short window of time that it can be fertilized by the male sperm and implanted into the uterus to grow into an embryo. The male sperm is only viable for 48 hours once it has entered the female body so timing can be a tricky thing for some couples if they are not sure when their fertile times are.

These fertility monitors remove the need for guess work and what ifs. The makers of the monitors claim that they have success rates that are better than 98%. This gives a couple some of the best information possible to be able to conceive on their own without medical intervention.

So how do these monitors work? It seems that there are at least two different types of monitors on the market. ClearBlue Easy makes a fertility monitor that tests a woman’s urine for hormone levels. A woman secretes increasing amounts of estrogen up to the time of ovulation and then secretes a hormone called the luteinizing hormone when ovulation takes place or the egg is released for fertilization. The ClearBlue Easy monitor works in this manner. A woman starts the monitor on the first day of her menstrual cycle. She then turns on the monitor each day as she arises in the morning. The monitor will then alert her when it is time to test her urine. On the days that she is prompted, the woman urinates and then places the urine on a test stick that is provided with the kit. She then places the test stick in the monitor for measuring. The monitor will then test for the hormones present in the urine.

The monitor screen will show one of three results, low fertility, high fertility, or peak fertility. According to the website the chances are best to conceive at high or peak fertility. Ovulation will take place during peak fertility. The monitor will even let the woman know when her next menstrual cycle is due. If she is late she can then test for pregnancy. The maker claims 99% accuracy with this model.

Another type of fertility monitor is the OvaCue fertility monitor. It uses a different method to reveal the peak fertility periods that occur for a woman each month. Instead of testing the hormones in the woman’s urine, this monitor tests for different electrolyte levels in the saliva. According to the maker of the monitor in addition to hormone changes, there are changes in the electrolyte balance once a woman is close to ovulation. The monitor picks up those changes and can predict her most fertile time up to seven days in advance. The maker of this monitor states that by having this much advance notice, the sperm can have time to be in place when ovulation takes place giving the best chance for conception. They also state that with this method there are no further supplies needed in the future with this unit. The other monitors require replacement test sticks. Plus, this test is easier and cleaner to perform. The maker claims 98.3% accuracy with this model.

Both of these models seem very well made and have good reviews from several reliable sources. They are costly but for those having a hard time conceiving the accuracy that these monitors give would be well worth the purchase. If you are confused as to which monitor would be best, feel free to discuss it with your physician or medical provider to get their input on these.

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    Trying for a baby can be an easy task for many women, but for others it can be a hard time and some times very disappointing. So when attempting to conceive, nutrition and lifestyle choices should be treated seriously. You have to consider a healthy life with a balanced diet and to remain alcohol free during this all-important journey.

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