Female libido enhancer

A woman’s libido can be dramatically decreased at certain time during her lifetime. It is at these times that women may need to find a female libido enhancer to continue to have a healthy and active sex life. There are many options to choose from. There are all kinds of causes for low female libido which can include depression, menopause and hormonal changes during and after childbirth and certain medical conditions a woman may have. Recently there have been new advances in the natural female libido enhancer market.

Today, woman can find help for a low sex drive by using a female libido enhancer that are all natural products or those in the form of prescription medications. Natural health supplements like HerSolution and Provestra are now available for women. These two supplements have even been referred to as ‘Female Viagra’. Unlike Viagra for men, these female libido enhancers have no negative side effects. You can get a female libido enhancer in different forms. These products are sold in the form of pills, creams and gels.

The female libido enhancer products in the supplement market today contain natural herbs that have been used for centuries to boost women’s sex drive. They usually work by increasing the blood flow and circulation in the female genital area. They help to balance out the hormones that are dominant and necessary for a healthy female sex drive. The female enhancer products usually contain natural herbal relaxants as well to help calm the nerves and help the woman to relax. The female libido enhancement pills work rather quickly for most women. These libido enhancers will also reduce vaginal dryness. Some of the herbal ingredients in these products are Tribulus Terrestris, Mucuna Pruriens, and Ginkgo Biloba, Red raspberry leaf, Licorice root and Damiana leaf. These herbs work to rejuvenate the female sex drive. Each female libido enhancer on the market will have a combination of many of these herbs listed on the label. Some will also add Niacin to the formula. Niacin helps to improve circulation. The herbal creams and gels are safe to use when taking other forms of medications. If you take a female libido enhancer in pill form you should consult with your medical practitioner first if you are on prescription medications, as the herbs in these pills may interfere with certain prescription medications.

There are certain medications that can be prescribed and used as a female libido enhancer. Testosterone is a male hormone, but taken in prescription form it can help women regain a healthy sex drive. When testosterone is prescribed as a female libido enhancer it is usually given in the form of a transdermal patch. Testosterone has been used for years this way as a libido enhancer for women. Female hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can also help balance out the hormones and help return a normal sex drive in women. There are certain negative side affect associated with these hormones however. This is why a lot of women prefer to use a natural female libido enhancer.

The female libido enhancers on the market today can be very expensive, depending on the product of choice. Women can expect to find these products being sold at varying prices depending on where you buy them and whether it is bought as pills, creams or gels. There are all kinds of websites online that offer female libido enhancer products. You can also find reviews on HerSolution and Provestra online as well. Before you decide which one to try you should research these products to find the best one for you. One product may work better for you than others. You can also talk to your doctor if you are a woman suffering from low libido and discuss your options for taking prescription medication for a female libido enhancer.

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