Fat burning workouts for men

Men suffer from a special problem in the course of their lives. While it seems that many women struggle with their weight almost as soon as puberty hits, men seem to have an easier time with their weight until about the time they hit the big 3-0 mark. Men, who were used to eating everything in sight and remaining scrawny and bony suddenly find themselves putting on weight rapidly. This may take the form of a beer belly or an all around bulking up in the torso, arms, legs and neck. The fact that this dramatic change in a man’s body type occurs so relatively late in life often actually puts men at a disadvantage when it comes to losing weight. While women are mindful of their weight as teenagers, when lifelong habits are still being established, men find their new weight creeping up on them as adults, long after they thought the need to learn fat burning workouts for men was over.

Fortunately for men, while they may be more surprised by their weight gains, they also have an easier time of it than women when it comes to losing weight. Because men build muscle more quickly, and muscles are integral to burning fat, a man who does muscle building or fat burning workouts for men can often – if he establishes good habits – lose that extra fourth decade weight fairly easily when compared to a woman struggling with the same problem.

One great way for men to get a fat burning workout for men is by circuit training. In circuit training, the person exercising switches between several exercises, not resting between each one. Circuit training is one of the major fat burning workouts for men because it elevates a man’s heart rate and burns more calories than other types of workouts. Adding aerobic exercises to your circuit (such as 30 to 45 seconds of a cardio exercise such as jumping rope or running on a treadmill) along with training resistance exercises is a great way to take circuit training to the next level and burn even more fat.

For a man, the lower body contains more than 15% of his muscle mass, so that is definitely the area that you want to focus on in your circuit training or whichever type of fat burning workout for men you choose to pursue. For your health, be sure to rest for at least a day after performing your circuit training routine. When muscles are broken down by exercise, they need time to build back up again into stronger more powerful muscles. You should never try to burn fat excessively, especially if you have found yourself in less than ideal shape and with extra weight.

So what kinds of exercises should you perform on your circuit? Try exercises such as the dead lift, where you lift a barbell “dead” from the ground. Be sure to bend your knees and use an overhand grip. A personal trainer or gym worker will be more than happy to spot you and explain the proper way to perform this exercise. Another good exercise for your circuit is the single-leg bent-over row. In this exercise you stand on one foot, holding a dumbbell in each hand, and alternate pulling each dumbbell to your chest. Be careful – this exercise requires balance.

As always, if you are starting a new exercise routine, consult a doctor first. Your weight gain could have brought on additional problems such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure, so do not delay in visiting your primary care physician and attaining a clean bill of health.

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