Eyelid surgery

Many of us suffer from tired eyes or bags under our eyes and they can definitely be very unappealing so treating them is very important. Eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty) is a great way to preserve the healthy image. Eyelid surgery can do two very effective things. First off it can surgically minimize the bags under your eyes, and secondly it can get rid of any extra skin appearing above your eyes.

In order to get rid of the extra skin above your eyes there will be skin, muscle, and fatty tissue that needs to be removed. This is mostly a cosmetic procedure but eyelid surgery can also be used as a way to improve vision in older people that have upper eyelids that sag to interfere with their sight. Also, while the surgery can be used to minimize bagginess under the eyes it cannot actually remove all of the darkness that shows up. Usually eyelid surgery is done in combination with some form of facial surgery for ultimate results.

How Your Eyelid Skin Ages
In order to understand the importance of eyelid surgery and how effective it can be you will need to know how your eyelid skin ages. Basically, just like any type of skin it will start to lose elasticity over time. Poor elasticity in the skin in combination with gravity’s never ending pull it will result in too much skin appearing on your eyelids.

The extra skin on the upper eyelids can fold and hang over your eye and affect your vision while the extra skin on the lower eyelids can cause you to develop wrinkles and bulges. While there are other reasons why people may develop imperfections around their eyelid skin, generally it is directly correlated with natural aging.

Who Should Get Eyelid Surgery?
While there is no specific requirements for people that are best qualified for the surgery, there is a general category of people that are better candidates for the procedure. The best possible candidate for eyelid surgery would be someone who is healthy both physically and mentally, and does not expect the surgery to make a massively dramatic difference. Usually people that get eyelid surgery are over thirty five years old but age is not necessarily a huge factor in who requires the treatment. Also keep in mind that eyelid conditions can be hereditary and may develop at a younger age in some people.

What To Expect From Eyelid Surgery?
The benefits of getting the surgery are definitely easily noticeable as it can help improve your facial appearance and is definitely a huge confidence booster. Although even though there will be a change that is easy to notice it is still important to know that you may not get the results you are hoping to get from the surgery.

Eyelid surgery is not a way to modify your facial structure at all so if you are attempting to change your face in hopes of it becoming more appealing then this will not make a major difference. Eyelid surgery is best thought of as a way to get rid of irritating skin conditions which could affect your day to day life, especially if your upper eyelids are affecting your vision. There is always the aspect that you will improve your appearance by getting the surgery but it should not be your main reason for getting it.

Eyelid surgery can be a very beneficial treatment method for many people but it has to be taken seriously. You should also know everything there is needed to know about the procedure before even considering it. For instance, it is important to know that by getting eyelid surgery you will not stop your eyelid skin from aging but the surgery can refresh your eyelid skin and the results will last for quite a while.

Usually if you get eyelid surgery, your lower eyelids will not need to be treated again, but your upper eyelids may start to age dramatically (and require treatment again) within five to seven years. In some cases though the surgery will last forever and you will not need to get it again. Either way, you will definitely want to get eyelid surgery if you find your upper eyelids are affecting your vision or if your eyelid skin is taking a major toll on your confidence or physical appearance.

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