Estrogen blockers

In today’s modern world human beings are being exposed to more and more estrogens in their daily lives. People are being exposed to higher amounts of estrogen than their body naturally makes and we are getting pseudo estrogens from various outside sources. We get estrogen various ways like in contraceptive pills or when certain plastics leak estrogen into our food and water supplies. Pesticides can contain estrogen and we get it from other manufacturing processes. Higher estrogen levels in men and women are leading to increased risks for cancer of the cervix and prostate. As men grow older they can actually have more estrogen in their body than his female counter part. Having an over abundance of estrogen in the body can also lead to the formation of fibroid tumors in the uterus and breasts.

A lot of people who are into bodybuilding use estrogen blockers to counteract the estrogen effects of the steroids they used to build muscle strength and mass. Bodybuilding steroids can lower testosterone in men and raise estrogen level as well as cause a lot of other unwanted side effects. Estrogen blockers are also used to treat breast cancer.

Higher than normal estrogen levels can lead to physiological disorders. Men who have higher than normal estrogen levels can experience an increased growth of breast tissue and even develop breast cancers. Estrogen can affect the hypothalamus and cause it to shutdown testicular testosterone production in men and also lead to shrinkage of the testicles. Body builders are now aware of these problems and are looking for ways to block estrogen.

There are three basic types of estrogen blockers on the market today. These include anti-estrogens, aromatase inhibitors and specific estrogen receptor modulators. Some of the most well-known estrogen blockers on the market today are sold under the brand names of Clomid, Evista, Fareston and Soltamox. You must obtain a prescription to obtain certain types of estrogen blockers. You can also find natural estrogen blockers for sale in health food stores and online.

Prescription drug estrogen blockers are not without some minor as well as some major and dangerous side effects. Some side effects are short term and some are long term. The short term side effects are blurred vision, easy bruising, dizziness, fatigue, chest pain, headaches, hot flashes, nigh sweats, mood swings, water retention and vaginal discharge. Long term side effects of estrogen blockers can include permanent bone loss, blood clots, endometrial cancer, uterine cancer, strokes and joint weakness.

Natural estrogen blockers like calcium D-glucarate can help block excess estrogen in the body. Products with calcium D-glucarate can prevent excess estrogen from getting absorbed into the blood. However, calcium D-glucarate can also block testosterone. Diindole methane (DIM) is another estrogen blocker. It will help the liver to neutralize estrogen in the body. DIM helps women more than men however. Aromatase enzymes can block testosterone from converting into estrogen. Passiflora caerulea plants are one good source of aromatase enzymes.

Chyrsin was one of the first estrogen blockers on the market. It is still very popular with body builders. Indole-3-carbinol and Di-indoylmethane are also popular estrogen blockers. These work by shifting the metabolism of stronger estrogen compounds to weaker estrogens. Women who are at risk for breast cancer can benefit from these estrogen blockers. However, men should not rely on these two estrogen blockers if they want to raise their testosterone levels while reducing estrogen.

Bioflavonoids like quercitin and herbs like Vitex Agnus Castus are also being used as estrogen blockers. Resveratrol is also being advertised as having estrogen blocking properties. However, no substantiated research has proven that these substances can increase testosterone levels while lowering estrogen levels.

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