Erectile dysfunction causes

Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction find it difficult to talk to their physicians about the problem; however, there are a number of erectile dysfunction causes that can contribute to this problem. So, the more you know about the root problems that could be causing you difficulty with erectile dysfunction, the better able to cope with the problem you will be. Since most men with erectile dysfunction believe that the problem is entirely their fault, understanding why this is happening to them might even help them get to the doctor to discuss the problem more fully.

In order to understand the various erectile dysfunction causes, it is first important to understand exactly how an erection functions. In the interior of the penis is the shaft that is the carrier or both the urine and the semen produced by the body. Alongside this tube there are two structures that go down the length of the penis. These structures (known as the corpus cavernosum) are important to the development of an erection because when a man is aroused the brain sends impulses down the nerves, which stimulate the flow of blood to the corpus cavernosum. The spongy material found within these structures then absorbs the blood and expands the penis until it is stiffened. After the arousal has passed the structures will constrict as the blood flow decreases and the penis will once again return to its normal size.

Although it is possible that psychological problems can contribute to erectile dysfunction, these are not the only causes. But if you are someone who suffers from anxiety, depression, fatigue, or stress, then it is possible that your erectile dysfunction arises from these problems. However, it is possible that the medications that are used to treat these psychological problems could also cause problems with erectile dysfunction; you will want to be sure to discuss your options fully with your doctor before you decide on a course of action.

There are also a number of health issues that can cause problems as well. A few of these other erectile dysfunction causes include heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, to name a few. Since these are all problems which can affect the cardiovascular system, it is no wonder that they are naturally linked to erectile dysfunction because an erection is caused by the increase of blood flow to the penis. If your body is having difficulty regulating the flow of blood throughout your body on a normal basis, then it is only natural to assume that it would cause problems with the ability for your heart to pump enough blood to cause you to get an erection.

Another set of erectile dysfunction causes are those that affect the body on a different level. For example, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, hypogonadism, prostate cancer, and Peyronie’s disease, are all problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Two of these (Parkinson’s and MS) are diseases that affect the nervous system. Since the relay of information from the brain to the nerves around the penis is an important step for an erection, when someone has one of these nervous system disease it is not uncommon for them to experience erectile dysfunction problems.

There are other erectile dysfunction causes like medicinal side effects, drug abuse, tobacco use, and surgical procedures. But there are some instances when erectile dysfunction is a symptom of another, more serious, medical problem. This is one reason why it is important that you discuss the problem with your doctor so that you can make sure that you not suffering from another medical issue. Be sure to tell them about any corresponding information or physical problems so that your physician can make an accurate diagnosis to help make sure that your erectile dysfunction is corrected.

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