Ephedrine HCl

Ephedrine HCl is a powerful drug used to treat people who have asthma. It is a pharmaceutical grade expectorant bronchodilator that will thin out and loosen phlegm and as such can help asthmatics breathe easier. Ephedrine HCl opens up the airways in the body by relaxing smooth muscle tissues. It is sympathomimetic drug that is chemically produced from the leaves and stems of a native Chinese herb called Ephedra Sinica. Ephedra was sold in the United States as a weight loss pill but was later banned because of serious side effects that could lead to death.

Obese people have used Ephedrine HCl to loose weight too. It increases thermogenesis in the body, meaning that it can speed up your metabolism so your body burns off fat and calories faster. Because Ephedrine HCl helps the body to burn off fat, bodybuilders will use it to get cut up for competitions and such. The less body fat a body builder has the easier it is to see their muscles so they use Ephedrine HCl as a “cutter.” Endurance athletes like to use it to help give them more oxygen and aerobic capacity. It can give the body more energy and stamina and is also an appetite suppressor.

In the United States, Ephedrine HCl can be sold without prescription as an over the counter medication for breathing problems only and can only be marketed to treat asthma and not as a weight loss pill. Prior to 2004 it was sold as a diet aid to help people lose weight. However due to reports of very real and serious complications it has banned by the FDA as a diet aid and can not be sold as such in the United States now. People who buy Ephedrine HCl for asthma can only purchase it in limited supply on a monthly basis. In fact, in the U.S. you are only allowed to purchase 6 grams of Ephedrine HCl per month. You must show a valid drivers license or state ID when you purchase this drug when you are buying it without prescription. However, you can buy this drug on the internet without prescription from various websites.

The side effects that can be experienced by Ephedrine HCl users can be serious and dangerous. People who have problems with their heart, prostrate, thyroid, and certain types of depression should not take Ephedrine HCl. If you are being treated with Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI’s) you should not take Ephedrine HCl. Before taking any drug for asthma relief you should talk to your doctor about it first. People who are taking Ephedrine HCl should know that this drug is very dangerous if overused.

People who use Ephedrine HCI have experienced side effects that include headaches, nervousness, shakiness, and irritability, loss of appetite and loss of sleep. These side effects are common and tolerated by people who want to loose weight by using it as a diet aid or by body builders who use it with certain training goals in mind. Bodybuilders also use caffeine and aspirin as stimulants when they use Ephedrine HCl before workouts. It is claimed that they get a better workout and have increased energy when using it this way. It also increases the body’s ability to use calories and fats faster.

There are literally thousands of people around the world who use ephedrine HCl as a dietary aid to lose weight. However well it works as a diet aid or as a substance to aid body builders to increase their energy and strength while it cuts body fat, Ephedrine HCl should only be used with caution and it should not be used on a long term basis.


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